What Every Functional Closet Has In Common


Custom closets transform your storage into something that works so much better. Everyone has had a totally ineffective closet at some point. Clothing gets crushed and wrinkled, and coats fall off hangers when someone retrieves a back pack hung in the same spot. If you’re like a lot of home owners, you might even forget about half the things that you own when they’re buried behind or under something else.

A custom closet might sound like an extravagance, but it’s not. Designing the perfect closet is a smart decision. It protects your things because it’s made for them. It conserves space. And it’s a time (and ego) saver because you’ll know where everything is in your neatly organized closet.

Everything doesn’t just need its own space; it needs the right space.

Here are three elements that every closet needs to be its most efficient.

#1: Item-Appropriate Storage

Everything that goes in a closet deserves its own spot. Whether it’s a hall closet for coats or linens, or a walk-in in the bedroom, you can do much better than just a hanging bar and shelf. Closet organization components take your storage up several notches to a custom-designed system that’s made for the different things that you own.

Have you ever had a big sock drawer where everything jumbles together? Shallow drawers can actually work better, and having dividers help you find the right socks quickly by separating gym socks from classy argyle ones. Tired of rifling through a drawer to find your favorite pair of jeans? Open cubbies or shelves let you see exactly what you’ve have at a glance. There are many different ways to segment your clothing, and when you imagine something different, the Closet Works can custom fabricate it in dimensions that work for you.

Most average pantries could never work this well.

#2: Smart Use of Space

Although closets are made for organization, they’re more often one of the most impractical spots in any home. This goes back to the outdated hanging bar and shelf design, but applies to any standard closet organization that relies on tradition instead of reality. Look at your current closet layout and consider all of the space that’s not being used. Where you see wall, floor and even ceiling space, you’re missing storage opportunities.

A smart use of space takes advantage of every square inch, with nothing left unexamined for its potential. For example, there’s a lot of empty space above hanging bars. With cubbies or cabinets with doors instead of a shelf over a bar, the seldom-used items that usually stack up high won’t tip over and fall on your head.

When you can see and access everything easily, mornings are a lot less stressful.

#3: Easy-Access Layout

A great system isn’t perfect unless you can easily see and reach what you’ve got without causing an avalanche, or accidentally pulling out three dresses instead of the one that you wanted. With the right layout, everything is both visible and accessible.

For example, a hanging bar that runs to a left or right wall might make clothing difficult to access with part of the front wall or door trim in the way. But if it’s centered between other components, such as vertical shoe storage, you can see and remove clothing more easily.

#4: Plenty Of Light

If you have loads of natural light, that’s the ideal situation. But because many closets (particularly reach-in styles) don’t have a window, you’ll want to incorporate light in as many places as possible. One overhead light just isn’t enough, especially when smaller, efficient LED lights and light bars are so easy to add to your new closet. You can even find battery-operated ones that require no new wiring or special installation.

There’s space, and then there’s efficient space. Just having closets doesn’t mean that you’re as organized as you can be. But the Closet Works can help you create the closets of your dreams. Schedule a free design consultation today, and learn just how efficient all of your closets can be.

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