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By: Closet Works Inc. on June 19th, 2014

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Garage Organization – It’s Not a Myth!


Some folks search for Shangri La, some seek the Holy Grail, others lust for sunken treasure, oft times with little chance for success. But if your quest is a bit more down to earth, say the elusive desire for garage organization you have stumbled upon the secret…a custom garage organizing system from The Closet Works.

Organized garage with tools neatly hung on the wall and items put away in solid cabinets and drawers

It’s just not that complicated. Simply give us a call and we will send a garage design specialist to visit. Our expert will take stock of your needs and create totally appropriate and marvelously functional solutions to all of the challenges your garage presents.

There’s a lot to consider when organizing a garage

Maybe your needs are simple…just lots of places to put stuff. Or so you think. But will the stuff be easily accessible? Will it be stored in a safe way? Will tools and sharp implements be out of reach of little hands? Will toxic chemicals, paints, thinners and the like be locked away from curious kids looking for something to open? Can garage organization truly be achieved? You bet it can.

How about access?

Will cabinets that have doors open with your cars in the garage? (Yes, you should actually be able to once again park your chariot inside the garage and not in your driveway). They will - if the system is designed properly, either incorporating swinging doors with proper clearances or sliding doors as an alternative.

What about rugged construction?

You need heavy duty shelves for some items, not so much for others. Drawers? A work bench? A potting bench? How about tool storage and hobby space? All of these and more can be integrated into your design.

With proper garage organization you actually can find things that you only need once in a while, rather than having the experience of looking without success and then finding what you needed after you went out and bought another at the hardware store.

Garage workspace with tools hanging neatly above on a wall system

A place for everything and everything in its place

What a concept! Sports equipment racks, bike racks, suspended racks, wall hung storage systems for all kinds of things like gardening implements and similar paraphernalia. A custom heavy duty rubber tiled floor? Sure! The list goes on and on.

Yes, garage organization is achievable and it can be done as simply or as elaborately as your wishes and budget dictate. Just call the Closet Works at 215 643 6430 and let’s get started.


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