Walk-in closet design with clothes organized

Get Organized this Holiday Season with a Closet System

Organization might be a New Year’s resolution, but a closet system can make the whole holiday season a lot less stressful. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that disorganization ramps up tension. Psychology Today’s Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D. says that disorder causes anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. And that’s the opposite of what the holidays should be all about.

Even in the tidiest homes, stress can hide just inside a closet door. The standard setup doesn’t use space to its fullest advantage the way that a custom closet does. Clothing gets cramped, shoes stack up and who knows what lurks on a high shelf. Pull out everything and start with a clean slate. Give yourself the gift of professional closet design and get organized this holiday season.

Her walk in closet system with clothes organized

Streamline Your Bedroom Closets

It’s 5:15 and the office holiday party starts at 7:00, but where is your new dress hiding? In a typical closet with one bar and a hundred jumbled hangers, finding it might take a while. It will probably be wrinkled once you do. Imagine how much easier getting dressed would be with a closet system designed exactly for your space and the types of clothing that you wear.

Most bedroom closets have a hanging bar and probably a shelf. That rudimentary system is like finding one sock in a drawer full of mismatches. It’s better than nothing, but just barely. What a custom closet offers is options. You can have hanging bars at different levels, and drawers that hold more than a standard dresser. Shoe compartments and even jewelry drawers can take disarray and transform it into a high functioning closet.

Design a Gift Center that Works All Year

Some people love wrapping gifts, and others do it out of necessity. But a gift wrap station tucked inside a closet makes you a gift giving aficionado. You won’t have to worry about losing the scissors and tape or smoothing out crushed wrapping paper when there’s a custom gift center in your home.

Offer Family and Guests ConvenienceThe holiday season is a big gift-giving occasion, but gifts are given throughout the year, too. A gift-wrapping closet organization system isn’t really a splurge. That’s especially true when you consider how pricey and hard to find some of the better gift wraps and ribbons are. With cupboards and drawers made just for papers and other items, wrapping presents takes less time and your dining room table doesn’t have to turn into a work station.

Closet system setup as gift center with drawers and shelves for storage
Offer Family and Guests Convenience

Friends and family are what the holidays are all about. But is your foyer or entryway closet ready for them? Or do you have a foyer closet at all? In many homes, the entryway tends to stack up with backpacks, boots, purses, assorted sports equipment, and of course plenty of outerwear. This is another area where a custom closet system can work wonders.

Mudroom or entryway closet system with seating area

The holiday season seems to be equal parts joy and stress, but organization can help alleviate a lot of the latter. With just-right closet systems from The Closet Works throughout your home, everything from getting ready for the day to wrapping the perfect gift and welcoming guests comes a lot easier, and your home will stay looking great. If your foyer has a closet, a professional designer can turn it into an efficient space where gloves, hats and coats can live in harmony while leaving plenty of usable space for your guests’ garments. With hanging bars, hooks and cubbies, everything has its place. If you don’t have a coat closet, you’re actually on-trend. Entryway and mudroom organization units offer even more space and versatility, with benches and plenty of options for storing everything from backpacks to your holiday guests’ belongings.

Schedule a free design consultation in your home, and you’ll be on your way to organization long before it’s time for New Years resolutions.

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