Walk-in closet system with center island and high gloss finish

How a Great Closet Can Change Your Life

One of the most important reasons for adding storage solutions at home is to make your life easier. In many instances today, however, getting organized is not only a way to simplify your life, but it’s necessary in order to keep all of your ducks in a row. This is due to the large number of people who now work from home, those who homeschool their children, have children attend school remotely, and simply to the overall fast pace of life we’ve all had to adapt in recent years.

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you and your current situation? Even if don’t they pertain now, they may later. And it’s important to understand that a great closet or organizational system in your primary bedroom, children’s playroom or home office can help you maintain your home and, as a result, enable you to focus your energy on other priorities.

Check out these two examples: a closet for the parents and, below that, a closet for the child. Each needs to provide enough space. However, because of the different needs required for these family members, they both have been designed with the intended user in mind.

Custom closet design with sitting room

Kids reach in closet design

Enhanced Home Organization Can Help With Productivity & Value

School, office supplies and the materials needed for home-based businesses can take up a lot of space, especially if the space is not currently well-organized to store all of your essentials properly. A haphazard approach to storage can create chaos (and stress), potentially cause damage to the items being stored and also contribute to a lot of unnecessary frustration if an item is not easy to find when it is needed. A really great closet design or storage system can help family members, entrepreneurs, home schoolers, as well as crafters, hobbyists, artists and many others. It adds convenience and eliminates the waste of time and energy.

Home office design with custom desk and cabinets

Craft and hobby room with easel and cubbies organizing art supplies

Well-designed closet systems and home organization products can make your home look neater and be more spacious and thus, be beneficial for the entire family. At the end of the work or school day, the materials, tools and supplies most commonly used can be stored easily and conveniently in a well-designed space. This ensures that your family knows exactly where their everyday items are stored, which can help put the mind at ease after school or work is over. And simplify the next day when we need all of these things once more. You might also consider a mudroom, which can be a huge benefit for any home, large or small, that doesn’t have a great system for organizing a space that is typically an afterthought. A great mudroom design can transform chaos to calm.

Custom built mudroom finish in classic white finish

Match the Design to the Intended Use

A truly great design will provide customized storage for the whatever you need to store in any room or space in your home. After you have achieved organization nirvana you won’t be able to believe how you lived without it before. Your first decision, however, will be which space you decide to maximize and beautify first! Things you should consider when working with your designer to change your house-wide storage and organization from frazzled to fabulous include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • clothing or items that could fade if exposed to light, such as papers, photos or delicate fabrics
  • anything affected by fluctuations in heat or humidity
  • convenient and/or concealed space for printers and other office equipment
  • bins, trays or baskets for small items in any area of your home
  • locked storage for valuables (or substances that could cause harm to children or pets)

Custom built office and cabinets around slanted ceilings

Look at Several Possible Configurations To Get Additional Ideas

When trying to choose a great closet design or organization system for your home business, playroom, closets or a home office, it can help to look at as many possibilities as you can to get ideas. By contacting a company like The Closet Works for a free design consultation, you will be able to see all types of home organization ideas that can potentially maximize your space, protect your belongings, organize your life and even add beauty and style to your home.

Interested in learning more about our custom-made closet systems, getting organized and all of the possibilities from The Closet Works? Request a free consultation with one of our professional Designers today.

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