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By: Closet Works Inc. on July 7th, 2011

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Help! My Kid’s bedroom has no space! Have no fear, the Hidden Bed is here!

Organization | Beds

Is it a bed? Is it a desk? No, it’s a Hidden Bed! Does that sound like the intro to the old Superman show? Well, it should because the Hidden Bed is a Super Bed! Honest!

Picture this: You have a child’s bedroom. When the kid was small the room was big enough. There was room for a crib and a bassinet and what else did you need?

But now your precious little bundle is older and in school and needs a desk on which to do homework and a bed and space to play with friends and you are racking your brain as to how you might accomplish all of that short of moving.

Children's hidden bed built in to beautiful wood custom cabinets

Chidlren's desk built in to beuatiful wood cabinets

The hidden bed is an amazing piece of dual purpose furniture that enables a bed and a desk to occupy exactly the same space.

To switch use all you have to do is either pull down or push up in the appropriate place and you have a twin bed (soon to be available in a full bed size) or a desk. You don’t have to move stuff or undo anything or even expend too much energy.

And because you don’t have to move anything when switching use you save time, energy and aggravation. The things that are on the desk top can stay put just where they are when you change the unit over to sleep mode and visa versa. Amazing!

And it’s not just for the kids’ rooms. A dorm room? A studio apartment? Anyplace where you really need a bed and a desk and have room for just one or the other.

The Hidden Bed is a unique and ingenious way to get the most out of the small bedroom or office space you have available. You can have an office and a bedroom in almost any space...even a decent size closet is big enough for the Hidden Bed.

Additionally, you can surround the Hidden Bed with all types of cabinetry to provide storage for clothing or bedding, toys, supplies, anything that you need to stow.

Contact us for more details and see how the hidden bed can make your space problem disappear.


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