Jewelry organized in closet drawer with velvet lined inserts

Hidden Features You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Custom Closets


Sometimes what you can’t see right away are the details that make custom closets work. All of the fine finishes and smart arrangements are important. But the little things that incorporate convenience and better function are the difference between a place to organize your clothing and other household items, and a closet that’s a dream to use.

Here are five of the many hidden features that you can add to your custom closet design.

1. Hidden Mirrors
2. Fold Away Ironing Board
3. Pull-Down Hanging Bars
4. Tilt-out Hampers
5. Valet Bars

Walk-In Closet with center island and valet bar with hanging jacket

1. Hidden Mirrors

Not everyone has the space to mount a dressing mirror in the bedroom or inside the closet. That’s why we offer a mirror that tucks away so neatly that it takes up barely any room at all. When you’re ready to use it, just slide it out from its hidden space. And when you’re finished, slide it back. This feature frees up your walls and the back of your closet doors.

Custom walk-in closet with slide out mirror feature

2. Fold-Away Ironing Boards

Some clothing never looks tidy until it’s been pressed. So whether you love to iron or not, you probably keep an ironing board around for some occasions. With a hidden ironing board, there’s no lugging it out and setting it up. It pulls out from a drawer or another horizontal space inside the closet and swivels around into the position that’s most convenient for you. And like the mirror, it hides away again once you’re finished.

laundry room with swivel out ironing board

3. Pull-Down Hanging Bars

Some closets have so much wasted space. But hanging bars mounted high inside the closet wouldn’t be convenient if you couldn’t reach them. The solution? Movable bars that you can raise and lower easily. Using a sturdy pole that’s designed for the job, you can lower a tall hanging rod to bring it down and within reach, and then raise it up and secure it back into place. This is great for anyone, but it’s especiallygood for accessible homes and in kids’ rooms.

Kids closet with pull down hanging bars

4. Tilt-out Hampers

It doesn’t matter how attractive the design, a hamper is always a hamper that’s filled with dirty laundry. But our tilt-out hampers are as convenient as any other, with one major difference: you never see them until you need to. These clever accessories hide behind a cabinet door. Most of the time you never know that they’re there. Tilt out the unit when you need to add clothes, then tilt it back up again and it disappears. Removable inserts make carrying laundry to the machines a breeze.

Walk-in closet with tilt out hamper feature

5. Valet Bars

One of our most popular hidden features is the valet bar, and it’s no wonder. For something so unassuming, you get a lot of convenience. This accessory extends to give you just the right amount of space for hanging the clothes that you’ll wear today or tomorrow. It’s like an old-fashioned freestanding wardrobe valet, but in a fraction of the space.

Pull out valet bar feature in custom closet

Custom closets
come with all of the style that you’d expect. We have many different components and finishes to choose from. But the small, hidden features can take a starring role when you select the ones that make life more convenient.

Schedule a free design consultation today and find out how to incorporate these and other hidden features into your dream closet.

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