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How an In-Home Consultation can Enhance Your Custom Closet Design

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Don’t let the idea of in-home custom closet design consultation frighten you. It’s not expensive — in fact, it’s free — and it’s not a precursor to a quote that you’d need a second mortgage to finance. The whole reason behind a consultation in your home is to learn about your space and your organizational needs. We’re there to listen, not to sell, to ensure your design is just what you need.

Here’s what to expect when you work with The Closet Works team

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We Learn Important Details From You

A custom closet can’t really be custom if we decide what we think you need. It works in reverse. One of our experienced designers will arrive at your home, and then you can tell us what you want. There’s nothing impersonal about it.

Seeing the location lets the designer take precise measurements and offer you a range of the best solutions for your goal. And if you want or need suggestions on style, this in-person visit lets the designer make different recommendations that you might not be aware of. Expect lots of questions, as that’s how we learn exactly what you want.

Designer meeting with client regarding custom closet options

Drawings Help You See the Finished Product

Our team works with closet design every day. You probably don’t, so it might be challenging to visualize everything put together as a finished project. That’s where computer generated drawings help. Using your measurements and the organizational and aesthetic components that you like, we’ll show you exactly how it will look once complete.

Drawings also help head off problems before they arrive. Maybe a hamper or hanging rod seemed like a good idea in one area, but you’d really prefer it someplace else. Or maybe the finish you thought you wanted turns out to be too dark or too light for your taste. At the design stage, these problems can easily be corrected.

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You Can Review and Compare Designs Freely

Drawings are great, but they’re only half as good if the designer keeps them. That’s why you receive a copy of your own custom closet design to keep so that you can review it before making a final decision about how to move forward.

That’s right, we don’t keep our designs under lock and key. The only way we can be sure that you’re happy is by giving you the freedom to make the best choice for your needs. Of course we want to create the best closet solution for you. But the most important thing is your overall satisfaction, regardless of what that takes. We’re also that confident in our quality, pricing and total value.

Are you ready to get started? Schedule a free design consultation today and learn how The Closet Works always puts customers first.

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