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Is Your Home Office a Mess? Here’s How to Get Organized

If you use a home office, you probably need some organization. According to Unclutterer, everything that’s in your field of vision while you work competes for your attention. You can’t process information as well, and it leads to irritability, poor overall focus and frustration. It not only looks messy, but it affects your workflow. The good news is that organizing a home office isn’t difficult at all. What you need are the right tools and components, and a great organization system.

Here are 3 tips to organize your home office for better productivity.

Man working on a laptop in a neat and organized home office

1. Keep Technology Harnessed and Convenient

Technology is a part of every modern home office, but computers, tablets, printers and their necessary cords and cables can look messy in a hurry. A lack of convenience with these devices can also damage your health, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Use cable ties and hooks for cable management. Organize the cables by those which you unplug often and those you do not. Frequently unplugged cables can be on a separate power strip on the side of the desk. Others can be plugged into an additional power strip behind the desk. By managing the cables properly you will no longer have to fish or crawl around under desks for plugs.

Every device that you use should sit where you don’t have to misalign your body or lean over to reach it, and cords should stay out of the way. Your eyes should be looking straight to reinforce good posture. Ensure that your chair is adjustable and set at the proper height. Not only will you feel more comfortable working at home, you will be more productive and your desk area will stay much tidier.

A neatly organized home office with muprhy bed pulled up

2. Install Adequate Storage

Although this is the digital age, most homes still have plenty of paperwork. You might not receive many letters and maybe your bills are paid online. But chances are you still have mail to sort and hard copies of paperwork such as birth certificates, insurance policies and warranties. Where there’s paperwork, clutter isn’t often far behind, but storage keeps it out of the way.

If your home office is used for a job and not just personal business, you probably have more papers. But whatever the volume that you deal with, ample storage means you won’t have as much visual clutter and everything will always been where you need it. Storage might be under the desk only, or Better Homes and Gardens has some creative ideas for above and around your desk area to maximize the available space.

Home Office Design Ideas

A proactive approach is always beneficial when it comes to that pile of papers. Never touch the same paper twice. Either file it, shred it or digitize it by scanning. When filing, using a color coded system also helps with labeling and organization. Put like categories together to ensure your space becomes more functional.

Maximize the storage space by going vertical. Use your wall space to hang filing systems, calendars, whiteboards, shelving and more. You will have good visibility and accessibility. Organize items by how often you use them, and keep those frequently used items close at hand.

3. Use Better Organizers

You probably own at least one drawer organizer, and you might have a coffee cup for ink pens and pencils. But there are much better ways to keep smaller supplies handy, separated and away from your work area.

Organized home office with wrap around desk and cabinets

Paper sorters, shelves, magazine racks and file racks are only part of what you can add to make your home office more convenient and tidy. Place items which are used together in the same location such as stamps with envelopes or pens with pencils.

There is some truth to the saying that a cluttered desk is a sign of genius. But there’s also scientific evidence that a messy desk and office reduce productivity and lead to frustration. You don’t have to aim for a true minimalist workspace with nothing on your desk besides a computer and perhaps a printer. But with fewer odds, ends and paperwork stacked up, you’ll probably be a lot happier.

A home office is a very personal thing, even if it’s where you run a business. And designing an efficient space takes a good understanding of what you need. That’s why our Designers at The Closet Works work with you one-on-one. Schedule a free design consultation and start creating a beautiful home office where everything has its place.

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