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Home Storage Tips and How They Will Help Reduce Your Stress

Living in a space overwhelmed with clutter can cause stress. Disorganization can affect your daily life in many ways. Not being able to find your keys can make you late for work, kids’ toys strewn about could cause injury if someone trips, and not being able to find important bills or paperwork could harm your credit. There are virtually thousands of ways clutter can take over your life.

Here some home storage solution ideas to tackle the mess and help reduce your stress level.

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Keep Your Drawers Clean

No, we aren’t talking about the ones you wear. Dresser drawers, kitchen drawers, desk drawers – they are all zones that attract clutter and small items. Organize one at a time until you’ve made your way through them all. Separate the items into three categories: keep, toss, and donate.

SMART TIP: Use drawer organizers to keep smaller items neatly in place.

Organize Closets to Maximize Storage Space

Running out of places to put things? Keeping an organized closet can help you utilize the space you have more efficiently. Add shelving higher up to store things that aren’t used as often. Use storage containers with labels on the front to store smaller accessories. And at the end of each season, go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you didn’t wear for that year.

SMART TIP: To keep track of what you’ve haven’t worn in awhile – hang all your clothes on hangers in the same direction. When you wear an item, hang it back up with the hanger facing the opposite direction. At the end of the year, anything that’s still facing backwards, toss or donate.

Closet Design Ideas

Hang and Store Clothes by Style

Instead of hanging all of your pants, shirts, and dresses separate, hang them by how you use them. For example, hang all your workout clothes together, all your professional clothes together, and all of your everyday clothes together. Then, put the clothes you don’t wear as often towards the back of the closet. Store items based on how frequently you use them, placing less worn items either higher up or further towards the back of the closet.

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When starting your organizational project, you can either start with the smallest projects first, for instant gratification, or you can tackle the areas that cause the most stress first. Whichever plan you choose, spend a few minutes each day putting things back where they belong, preventing a bigger mess, and headache, down the road. Develop a strategy to harness those smaller items that you use everyday like keys, sunglasses and cell phones. This way you know exactly where they are each time you need them and where to put them back when you are done. Make getting organized convenient – for example, make sure a laundry basket is accessible to keep dirty clothes off of the floor.

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Have the Correct Storage Solutions and Furniture

Getting all of your belongings organized is one thing, having the right resources and place to store them is another. Braemar suggests that you may need new storage units, shelving or cabinetry to ensure you have adequate space and resources. And custom furniture ensures that you will have a solution made specifically for what you trying to store.

In the end, reducing stress is often setting limits and boundaries for ourselves. We have to learn how to say no at times and not feel obligated to serve on every committee or get involved in that extra activity. In addition, having the support of family and friends and getting everyone involved to help in the organization process will ensure you have more time to get organized and feel less stressed as a result. And should you need the help of the professionals to guide you in the right direction, contact us for a free in-home design consultation to see how we can make a difference in your home.

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