Organized custom craft room with center island

How To Create A Craft Room Workspace

Whether you are working on a project with grandchildren or creating your perfect masterpiece, you need a place where your supplies are properly stored and organized. You need sufficient space to work on projects without knocking things over in tight quarters or having to constantly move items around to create room to work. Those distractions take the focus away from the creative process. So if you are thinking about creating the craft room of your dreams, here is how to make sure your it is organized so you can get started on the right foot.

Craft room workspace with art supplies organized

Know What You Are Planning to Store in Your Craft Room

Depending on the type of arts and crafts you are into, you will have different storage needs. If you are a painter, you will need to keep tubes, bottles, palettes and brushes close at hand. If you are working on scrapbooking, you will need a larger workspace and storage with easy access to scissors, markers, stickers, stamps, tape runners and paper. You may even consider drawers to conceal or secure sharp items or certain chemicals when not in use. Maybe your passion is sewing and your needs include storage for spools of thread, patterns, scissors and needles. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the type of items you are planning to store. It is recommended that you take some time to purge and donate all of items you will no longer need and organize the remaining ones into categories so you have a clear vision of what remains, before you begin.

Craft room with additional desk work area and drawer storage

Customize Your Storage and Space

Next, determine how you like to work and the type of access you need for your supplies. Do you prefer to work standing or sitting at a desk? What are the items you access most frequently? A center island can incorporate additional storage underneath the work surface, such as cubbies or shelves. If you will be sitting at a desk, drawers with inserts could serve the same purpose.

Consider using the wall space and utilize accessories like hooks, bins and brackets to store items like tubes of wrapping paper so it is easy to pull and cut. Fold-down workspaces are also available for smaller spaces. What you want to avoid is having to go back and forth across the room to grab what you need. That only distracts and takes time away from the task at hand.

Craft room with supplies organized in drawer inserts

Utilize Vertical Space for Supply Storage

You will also need to consider what to do with those overflow items or the additional supplies you need to store. Shelving along the walls can be open or concealed depending on what you would like to be displayed. Open shelving is perfect for showcasing finished pieces of artwork. Shelf heights can be adjusted so storage containers can be chosen based on the size, shape and weight of the items being stored. If you want to conceal these materials with doors, sliding doors can be used for corner closets and cabinets with clearance concerns.

Garage workspace with folding table up and wall system

It is important to take these types of factors into consideration when you are ready to design your craft room so the space is functional for your needs. Still have questions or need some more ideas? Reach out to us and we can schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our professional and experienced Designers.

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