Organized mudroom with locker style design

How to Best Organize a Mudroom

There are a lot of factors to consider if you truly want to organize your mudroom effectively: who will be using the entryway? what type of items that are being stored? how can I best utilize the available space? Keeping these questions in mind while assessing your needs will make your mudroom more functional because contents will be more accessible when coming and going and minimize clutter. So what is the best way to accomplish this?

Here are some of the most efficient ways to organize your mudroom

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Determine who will be using the space

There are many mudroom configurations available which include wall cabinets, cubbies, benches or locker style cubicles. For children, locker style works extremely well and gives each family member their own storage space. Using durable material is important in this space, so TFL is ideal. Consider what your kids are doing now with their coats, shoes and bags to determine the solution that will continue to be successful. An effective organizational system accounts for preferences, habits and convenience. If a younger child is not able to manage putting their jacket on a hanger, perhaps hooks would be a better solution. Do they need cubbies and drawers for storage for outerwear and equipment? Do they take off their shoes quickly while standing or would it be easier for them to sit on a bench and then stow their shoes underneath? These things help determine if the system you’re envisioning will really accomplish your organizational goals.

Organized mudroom with bags hanging and shoe storage underneath benches

Identify what you need to store and the best way to organize

Start with the items that are already driving you crazy and creating the clutter. Is it shoes, bags, jackets, sports equipment, gloves, hats, backpacks or all the above?  Now is the time to go through belongings and get rid of any that are no longer being used or damaged beyond repair. Is there a coat that is no longer in style or that does not fit? If so, donate it. Are there are pair of gloves with holes in them or missing pairs? Now is the time to discard them. Are there shoes which no longer fit or are uncomfortable? Get rid of them!

From there you can determine the storage method that makes the most sense for your needs. For example, you may prefer to store hats, gloves and mittens in drawers – especially if there is an abundance of them. Or maybe simple decorative baskets on open shelves would suffice. Would storing coats and jackets on hangers in a wardrobe style cabinet be more appealing than hooks in your main entryway?

Organized mudroom with jackets hanging and baskets for storage

Maximize your storage

Mudroom furniture and cabinets can be customized for any space in your home including garages and dual-use rooms like a laundry room. Forbes recommends, “If you do have the space for a mudroom, build in as much storage as possible. Having lots of space here for shoes and coats will take pressure off other storage areas in the house.” Tall cabinets can take advantage of the vertical space and can be customized to work with the most challenging areas like sloped ceilings, narrow hallways and corners.

Organizing your mudroom comes down to having the right type of storage in place that works best for your needs. Should you need help along the way, our Designers have years of experience creating organization solutions that are stylish and functional. Let’s get organized together, reach out to us for free design consultation.

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