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By: Closet Works Inc. on October 8th, 2015

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How to Organize Your Reach in Closet For Fall and Winter


Millions of homes contain reach in closets; however, many of these closets tend to become boggled messes of confusion, disarray, and frustration, especially when the seasons change. Unfortunately, mixing your seasonal clothes together will make your winter hectic, and the coming cold is unforgiving if you’re not properly prepared. In Philadelphia and South Jersey, your reach in closets probably contain some of your necessary winter gear in the darkest depths. Do you even know where you cold-weather wearables are after such a scorching summer? If not, try organizing your closet for fall and winter with the following steps.

1. Get Summer Things Out.

organized reach in closetWhen all of your summer belongings are jammed in your reach in closet, the simple task of organization can feel overwhelming. The best way to start organizing your closet is to pull everything from the top half out immediately. Avoid dumping everything into a pile atop the mattress. Remove the most-obvious summer items first.

2. Organize Hanging Clothes.

Hanging clothes should be near the top of your closet. In most cases, your reach in closet will have a single bar for hanging clothes at the top. However, you may an additional shelf above the hanging rod. Arrange your hanging tops by color. Place the darker colors to center of the closet, and move lighter colors to the edge. This will also help make use of shorter days during winter months.

3. Add a Second Hanging Rod For Your Pants.

You probably fold your pants in half for storage in your reach in closet. Since you will be wearing more pants in fall and winter, consider adding a second hanging bar.

4. Make the Top Half Colors Match the Bottom Half Colors.

Place your hanging pants on the second, lower rod and attempt to match the colors of the two rods. For example, a dark top should have a dark pair of similarly colored pants beneath it, and your Philadelphia Flyers' sporting jacket should be above matching pants or jeans.

5. Place Warm-weather Clothes Near the Top and Sides of the Reach in Closet.

Place summer and spring items, such as short-sleeve shirts and thickly-sewn shirts, near out-of-view areas in the closet, such as the top shelf and the furthest outside edges. This keeps them available for indoor use while keeping them out of the way when heading into the cold.

6. Use a Door Shoe Holder For Hiding Spring and Summer Shoes.

organized reach in closet for boys and girlsFor small, thin shoes, such as sandals, thongs, or slippers, add a hanging shoe rack to the back of the closet door for warm-weather shoes. Also, this will free up floor space for your snow boots. This is especially important if you have messy children that tend to leave their shoes all over the place.

7. Use a Custom Hanger For Scarves, Belts, and Other Long Accessories.

Loose, long accessories should be placed on a single hanger with individual slots. You can also achieve this same style by fastening shower curtain hooks to a single hanger. In South Jersey, you need to have a way to pick out the best, warmest scarf without digging through endless drawers.

8. Use Under Shelf Baskets For Bulky Items.

For items that do not fit onto any type of hanger, especially costume jewelry for Halloween and holiday events, add an under shelf basket to your reach in closet. If you do not have any shelves, consider purchasing a basket to place on the floor for storage of such items.

9. Add Additional Lighting in Dim Areas.

Many reach in closets contain a single light. Consider adding small, battery-powered lights to various parts of the closet. This will help keep things organized when the power goes out in the South Jersey and Philadelphia winter, or during a hurricane.

Although organizing reach in closets may seem ill-fated, a properly organized reach in closet can save you time and energy when running late for school, work, or the dreaded stint of jury duty in Philadelphia or South Jersey. If your closets lack rods, shelves, or resemble a war-zone, consider implementing these organizational tactics to make your winter and fall organization efforts easier. Alternatively, you may want to contact Closet Works, Inc. for a custom reach in closet design. Your reach in closets should do more than frighten off unwanted guests during the holidays.


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