Drawer insert closet accessory in vanity

How To Pick The Perfect Closet Accessories

When customizing a closet system, it is really easy to get caught up in the measurements, colors and style of the project. The one design element that tends to get overlooked and can make a closet truly functional is the accessories. They play a significant role in organizing the items in your closet so they are easy to store and accessible when needed. So what are closet accessories and how do you know which ones are best for your needs? Here are some practical ideas that will ensure you love your system for many years.

What are closet accessories?

All of the elements you add to your closet cabinetry and shelving which help keep your items organized by giving them their own specific place and give you visibility with easy access such a rods, hooks, drawers inserts and baskets are closet accessories.

Tilt out Hamper closet accessory

Drawer Inserts

For women who have an extensive jewelry collection, drawer inserts help organize a variety of items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Lucite or velvet lined inserts keep smaller pieces from getting lost and larger ones like necklaces from getting tangled. For gentlemen with a collection of ties, consider rolling them up and using custom drawer dividers. Watches can also be safely stored and kept scratch-free on a custom velvet drawer insert. Drawer dividers can be customized specifically for your needs and the manner in which you like to store underwear, socks, hosiery and more.

Closet with socks in drawer inserts

Valet Bars

A valet bar is an under-utilized and highly versatile accessory. It’s exactly what you need to help you plan your outfit for the day, hang your dry cleaning that just got back from the cleaners, or select the clothing you are planning to take on a trip. From polished chrome to satin nickel to oil rubbed bronze, valet bars are both functional and stylish.

Valet bar closet accessory item

Tie and Belt Racks

Racks not only organize ties but keep them from getting creased or wrinkled. You can store belts rolled up in a drawer but if you prefer, they can be just as accessible hanging by their buckle from a hook on a stationary or slide-out rack. Select material in the color that matches your project and there are often multiple finishes available for hook selection including matte aluminum, slate or matte gold.

tie rack closet accessory item


Hanging items provide a quick and easy storage place for everyday items such as jackets, coats, umbrellas, backpacks, bags and more, and keeps gear off the floor. They can be smaller and simple, such as a standard robe hook or larger and more specialized, like a three-tiered waterfall hook. And of course, plenty of finishes so everything coordinates.

Jackets hanging on hooks in mudroom

Specialized Accessories

Sometimes unique challenges call for unique solutions. So we find the right ones to best suit your needs. For example, safe and safe compartments for keeping valuable items secure, islands with glass tops, benches for comfortably putting on shoes and socks, space saving pull-out full length mirrors or Lazy Susans to keep the items in your pantry organized.

Full length mirror closet accessory item

It’s all in the details and closet accessories ensure that the details of your wardrobe get the attention they deserve. Have questions about which ones are right for you? We have answers, schedule a free in-home consultation and speak with one of our professional Designers.

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