Custom closet with organized clothing

The Inspiration Behind A Beautiful Posh Walk-In Closet And Sitting Room

Cindy Gargano and her husband moved into their home in 2007. Their master bedroom was on the small side and their His and Hers reach-in closets and dressers were inadequate for their needs. Their clothes were exploding out of their drawers, making it difficult to find things and they were tripping over items left on the floor. They wanted to get rid of the stress caused by having to search for things at the last minute, when they’re walking out of the door.

Cindy and her husband looked at a lot of different options and wanted something sophisticated they could both share that would fit the style of the home. They wanted to make better use of the available space, have a better flow in the master bedroom and maximize their storage. Their needs included custom storage for a variety of clothing, shoes, children’s sports bags and accessories. And of course, large towers to handle her love of shoes. Lastly, Cindy wanted a private place where she could “go in and get dressed in peace” without being interrupted. At least for a few moments anyway.

Closet cabinet with shoes organized on shelves

In order to bring her vision to life, Cindy reached out to The Closet Works Designer Gaye Smith to convert an unused addition into a beautiful walk-in closet and sitting room they felt was missing from the home.

Gaye visited the home and listened to the couple’s specific needs, measured the space and took an inventory of what would be stored. She also pointed out different arrangements that were available for hanging and shelving. They also discussed inaccessible areas and obstructions to be sure that they were accounted for in the design.

“Gaye prevented bad things from happening so there were no surprises. We were so impressed with how fast she was able to take measurements and come up with ideas.”

The next decision was the colors. While Cindy and her husband were considering both solids and woodgrains, Gaye recommended they select Glacier White material so they could stay on budget and still get the special features they wanted. These included glass inserts, mirrors, puck lighting and statement hardware.

Beautiful Glass Mirrored Doors in Walk In Closet and Sitting Room

The Installation

Prior to the installation, the 1,000 sq. ft. all-purpose room addition was freshly painted. As luck would have it, on the day of the installation there was a major snow storm. Despite the circumstances, Cindy says, “The installers actually showed up a few minutes early and were extremely professional”. She was also impressed with how they were able to cut around the baseboard in order to custom fit the pieces of their closet.

The End Result

Cindy’s vision had been turned into a reality. She now had a beautiful posh space that she is sharing with her husband which fits the style of their home perfectly. A stunning walk-in closet and sitting room with cabinets and Shaker Doors finished in beautiful Glacier White. Fine Crystal glass inserts above the double drawer bank with tall mirrored doors concealing the shoes and other garments. Puck lighting which makes the gorgeous Ruby Planked Maple countertop shine. The modern bronze handles, knobs and Oil Rubbed Bronze rods and accessories added the perfect finishing touch.

Posh walk-in closet and sitting room neatly organized

The features that Cindy and her husband enjoy most are the mirrored doors “which make dressing so much easier” and the lighting over the counter which makes everything easily visible. They considered it to be deserved treat for themselves, but in reality it added the function they were looking for to their space. The layout was extremely effective in helping find and grab what they needed quickly and easily.

“There are no more bags spilling out onto the bedroom floor and getting in and out is so much easier. The dressing room provides a place where I can gather my thoughts before I start the day”.

Woman enjoying her new walk-in closet and sitting room

Cindy and her husband plan on contacting Gaye in the near future to start their next project which will be an all-purpose entertainment and play area. A place where her daughter can use her sewing machine and the kids can play with their Legos and toys.

If you want to be one of these success stories, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation and let us turn your vision into reality.

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