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Interior Design Colors: What’s Trending and What’s Selling

Making a color decision can be tough, whether you’re choosing a new backsplash for your kitchen, replacing the bedding in your guest room or adding a custom closet to your house. You want your home to be your style, but you don’t want to regret the decision in six months.

Naturally, the internet is here to help. Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, HGTV and DIY blogs can provide color inspiration and guidance to make your choice a little bit easier.

Color Inspiration from the Design World

It’s become increasingly popular for some paint companies and even color company PANTONE to release their “color of the year”—a trending color that they feel connects with the feeling of the time. It’s a color that then may appear in clothing, artwork and all types of home accessories such as bedding, area rugs, paint colors and objects.

Here are trending colors, according to some brands:


Pantone Greenery Color Sample

In 2017, the PANTONE color is Greenery, a cheery, spring-like hue.

Benjamin Moore color of the year shadow


Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year is Shadow, a deep purple-gray.

Behr In The Moment color of the year

Behr and Sherwin-Williams have already released their colors of the year for 2018.
Behr’s In the Moment is a fresh and soothing “spruce blue.”

Sherwin WIlliams Hue Oceanside Color Sample

Sherwin-Williams’ hue is called Oceanside, a deep, moody blue-green.

Paint colors and PANTONE don’t tell the whole story, but they do tell a large part. In addition to wall and accessory colors, trends are emerging with hardware, including matte and chrome. But brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze are still as popular as ever.

Choosing Colors 101

Of course, these various colors of the year take into account the fact that paint colors can be changed out relatively easily. Many designers and homeowners choose furniture colors that are more neutral.

When decorating a room, color can play a big role. It can make a room feel warmer or cooler, bigger or smaller and darker or brighter. Color can also add energy or create a sense of calm.

This means that when you’re considering a custom closet, choosing the right color is important. Take into consideration how large or small the room is, how many windows (if any) are present, which other furniture and colors are nearby and what type of lighting will illuminate the room. During your in-home consultation, a Designer can also recommend colors based on your preferences.

The Closet Works’ Customer Favorites

While we don’t proclaim a color of the year here at The Closet Works, we do think a lot about various hues and textures. For example, we’ve recently expanded our options to include over 100 colors, finishes and textures—so you can choose a color that perfectly fits your style and complements other rooms throughout your house.

Our number one seller is white – a blank slate that brightens every room. Our customers love to dress up white with different door styles and hardware—from traditional to modern.

One decorative hardware color that’s gaining popularity with our customers is our Modern Bronze knobs and handles.

Modern bronze knob decorative hardware

And for those clients of ours who want an island, vanity or countertop, white complements various countertop choices we offer.

Check out our customer favorites below:

White Chocolate Textured Countertop color sample

White Chocolate


Chocolate Pear Tree countertop sample color

Chocolate Pear Tree


Ivory countertop color sample


Latitude North color sample

Latitude North

Summer Flame countertop sample

Summer Flame

We’re also excited to introduce some new colors that we know our customers will love.

weekend getaway color sample

Weekend Getaway

Apres Ski color sample

Apres Ski

Ascari color sample


Finsbury color sample


Old Jack color sample

Old Jack

Casting at first light color sample

Casting at First Light

Our two most popular complementary colors are Morning Dew and Slate.

Morning Dew color sample

Morning Dew

Slate color sample


Choosing a color that you like today and will like three years from now isn’t always easy. Our Designers can help you navigate the complexity and make the decision that will work best for your style and personality.

Get inspired! If you’d like to see all of our colors in person, visit our showroom or schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation.

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