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An Organizer Confesses: Interview with Professional Organizer, Ronni Eisenberg

We at The Closet Works Inc. are thrilled to introduce you to Ronni Eisenberg, the professional organizer, best-selling author of 10 books and woman behind the hit blog, The Organizing Confessions.

When the opportunity arose for us to interview Ronni, we couldn’t turn it down – with over 40 years of experience as a professional organizer under her belt, combined with her adventures of decluttering small, NYC apartments and now, larger suburban dwellings, Ronni has seen (and organized) it all.

Discover all of Ronni’s tips and tricks in her interview with us by checking out the clips below or see the entire interview at

Professional Organizer Ronni Eisenberg

What can you expect? Well, Ronni puts it best:

“I hope that what I share will motivate you to create a better style of living. After all, it’s not really the space you have, it’s what you do with it.”

An Interview with Ronni Eisenberg from The Organizing Confessions

Optimizing Small Spaces

How do you utilize empty walls in a small apartment or home? Having lived in NYC you must have a few tricks up your sleeve!

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When Ronni starts talking about small spaces, you can see how excited she is – her eyes light up! Having lived in New York City as a professional organizer, the tips and tricks she offers – like vertical organizing systems such as overhead cabinets for spaces above doors – don’t have to be taken with a grain of salt. She’s seen it all.

We also recommend the following for small spaces, not only to ramp up your storage but create it in a way that’s visually appealing to you:

  • Vertical jewelry organizer pulls out and has designated places for your necklaces, so they aren’t tangled. There are also drawer organizers for your bracelets, rings and other accessories. 
  • Consider a slide-out mirror, too, so you can see yourself in your outfit for the day.
  • Take advantage of vertical space by using single, double or triple hanging sections of different lengths, and in some cases, employing pull-down rods, enabling easy access for higher sections, or children or those with disabilities on lower sections.
  • Increase your usable space with a variety of different hanging sections for various length garments, such as:
    • Extra-long (for gowns)
    • Long (for dresses, coats & the like)
    • Mid-length (for slacks hung from the waist or cuff)
    • Double hang or triple hang (for skirts, shorts, shirts, blouses etc.
  • Shoe shelves positioned higher in the closet at an angle, provide visibility and are especially useful for heels and dress shoes worn less frequently.
  • Cubbies can store sandals, sneakers, flats and slippers, and take up much less room than storing them side by side on a shoe shelf. These aren’t meant for dressy shoes or bulky shoes but are a great strategy to gain space in your shoe storage area.

How To Organize Kid’s Rooms

On your blog you mention you have three kids of your own (including twins). Have you worked on kids’ spaces or rooms during your career? And if so, how do you incorporate their vision, in addition to their parents’ requests?

Organizing Childrens Rooms video thumbnail

“Whether the child is 2 or 10 – you want to think like a child!” It may seem like an obvious piece of advice for organizing a child’s bedroom or playroom, but when Ronni starts explaining how, her tips are ingenious, like:

  • Get down on the floor and literally, try to see what the child sees
  • Make what needs to be accessible for your child easy to reach – and keep other items in higher places if they need to stay out of little hands
  • Depending on their age, you may want to:
    • Organize their toys in baskets
    • For pre-readers, label each basket with a picture and the words so they can eventually learn each of them
    • Color code their items. Their memory will be more easily triggered if you designate certain colors for certain items (ex. blue basket has the trucks or the red bin has crayons)

Top Tips For Getting Your Home Organized

On your blog you wrote an article that included a lot of great tips and advice on how to get organized in 2021, such as keeping what you love but downsizing, too. Of all of the tips you listed, do you have a recommendation on which tip our readers should try first?

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We love the following tips Ronni laid out in this last question because they’re applicable to organize any area of one’s life rather than a particular facet, like work, the home, children and the like. Her tips are:

  1. Prioritize! What’s the best use of your time right now? What must get done? What can wait?
  2. A place for everything, and everything has its place. This is your assurance you won’t lose things.
  3. Streamline, create methods for yourself and don’t over-complicate things.

For more of her expert tips & tricks, check out Ronni’s website at

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