Laundry Room Storage Ideas to Help You Stay Organized 

Stay On Top of Laundry Day

In the summer, it’s easy to take your time and lounge around in the sun. This is the season for relaxation and making fun summer memories, after all! But as summer winds down, it’s a good time to start to refocus and regroup for the colder months. 

Today we will be discussing simple laundry room ideas to help you stay organized through the process as you get ready to combat those cold months that seem to never end.

These ideas can not only streamline laundry day so the chore is done faster, but they can also take the physical strain out of laundry day, especially when you’re providing clean laundry for the whole family. 

Sorting Dirty Clothes

Before the laundry goes into the washer, you need to sort it. Getting a hamper that keeps your dirty clothes separated into loads can save time when you’re sorting and checking clothes. Nothing is worse than pulling out your favorite white shirt only to find it got washed with a load of dark garments. If you wanted a pink shirt, you could buy one. 

Pro Tip: Having a hamper with a removable liner makes for easy transport to your laundry room. 

Laundry room organized with custom cabinets and shelves

Finding Your Laundry Supplies

Storing your laundry products in a box or bin above your machine can lead to wasted time sorting through half-empty products you don’t need. Having counter space, an island, or extra storage built into your laundry room creates the perfect space to lay out exactly what you need when laundry time rolls around. If you have a lot of products, using risers is a surefire way to make everything you have available at a glance.

Pro Tip: Storing detergents with push spouts on a slanted shelf is a great way to create easy access to your product without having to tip that bottle once your detergent is almost gone. 

Drying & Sorting Clean Laundry

After pulling out those air-dry only garments, forget hanging them on the backs of chairs! Even if you have an outdoor clothesline, it might not be accessible during cold or rainy seasons. With a custom-built laundry room, you have all the space you need to drip-dry your clothes. This space can be built into drawers and is designed to be mold resistant so you can lay your clothes flat until they’re ready to be folded or put away. 

Once everything is dry, it’s time to start folding. In your laundry room, having ample counter space to lay out your garments and fold them can save significant time. When your laundry basket reaches your closet, your clothes will be folded and ready to put away. This is also a great way to avoid unnecessary bending and lifting.

Having enough counter space is also the key if you don’t have a laundry room but more so, a laundry area. This is a great option if you have stacked washers and dryers and share your laundry area with a mudroom or entryway. 

If you would rather leave the laundry room for cleaning, an island in your closet is the perfect spot to prop up your laundry basket. The island allows you to still have the space you need to fold and sort your garments. When it comes to custom-built features, the possibilities are endless and the chores can get done easier. 

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