Couple unpacking and sharing a closet space

Lessons Learned: Sharing a Closet with Your Significant Other

Whether you are deciding to move in with your partner for the first time or moving into a home as a new married couple, sharing the same space can be a challenge, to say the least. You’ll quickly discover the “problem areas” in the home that are prone to getting cluttered. This general maxim is particularly true where closet space is concerned.

For many guys, it can be frustrating to watch a significant other take up more and more of the storage space, and many women will get annoyed by the general disarray of their partner’s allocation of closet space.

While the following list is by no means exhaustive, it will highlight plenty of great solutions for many of the challenges that arise due to sharing closet space.

Walk-in closet with center island and double hanging sections

Take Sides Where Closet Space Is Concerned

When space seems to be at a premium, it may be time to opt for a walk-in closet. Custom designed walk-in closets will give you both some space that can come at a premium in a relationship. A walk-in closet gives each of you one side for all of your clothes, shoes and accessories, eliminating the need to “share” space on the same clothes rack.

A professional Designer can help you and your significant other maximize space by adding shelves, long and short hanging rods, shoe shelves or cubbies and accessory storage that’s right-sized to fit the space. In addition, each person can include specialized accessories on their side. One side might include a belt rack, tie rack and a drawer organizer for a watch collection, while the other side could include drawer organizers for jewelry, special hooks for necklaces and a scarf rack. For the couples that reserve negotiation for the serious trials of life, cut out any unnecessary space challenges by creating a spacious walk-in closet.

When the Closet Is Too Full, Consider an Alternative Solution

If one of the people in the relationship has way more clothes than the other, it might seem unfair when they take up the overwhelming majority of the closet space. Naturally, this can lead to arguments and dissension, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead, try a custom wardrobe that can be built for the individual in the relationship who does not need as much closet space. A custom wardrobe will provide all of the benefits of a closet without needing the space of a traditional closet. Wardrobes can be built to fit unique spaces and designed in a wide range of colors and finishes to match your décor and sense of style.

Custom built wardrobe closet with doors open and clothes neatly hung

When Finding Clothes Gets to Be a Chore, Get Organized

Another problem with sharing closet space is that it can be difficult to reach clothes. Since your closet rod is stuffed with the dresses, suits, blouses and shirts of two people, knowing where everything is and easily grabbing it can be a daily annoyance.

To solve this problem, turn to a closet organization system for your reach-in closet. Getting organized with clever solutions like multiple closet rods, shelves and drawers on either side for each person, plus individual storage for shoes and jewelry, can help both of you find your stuff quickly, which reduces stress.

Innovative storage solutions can maximize space, create two separate storage zones and make finding what to wear an easy and hassle-free ordeal.

These tips are sure to help you better manage the challenges of shared closet space, but you’re on your own when it comes to arguing over money and housework! But at least you can thank this guide for giving you the knowledge you need to share closet space without losing your sanity.

If you’re interested in creating a custom organization solution in your home, reach out to us for a free, in-home consultation.

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