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By: Closet Works Inc. on September 23rd, 2015

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Philadelphia's Messiest Closet Contest


Philadelphia and South New Jersey Messiest Closet Contest

How messy is your closet? Do you drop articles of clothing, shoes, and leftover food into your closet and hope for the best?

Everybody organizes their closet with good intentions initially. I’ll hang this up later, you say to yourself, It’s not hard to stay organized. Three weeks later, you’ve forgotten what color the floor is in there, and you’re having trouble closing the door to hide the mess.

This is a common problem for many closet owners - their closet is a twisted mass of socks, hats, and everything in between. How can we help them organize their closet, and by extension, their life?

If you think you’ve got the messiest closet in Philadelphia Metro Area or South New Jersey, this is the contest for you.

Submit your entry on this page and you’ll be entered into The Closet Works Inc. Messiest Closet Contest. You could win 20% off your next project, PLUS a free accessories package (an estimated $200 value).


The Messiest Closet Contest is officially open to all residents in the Philadelphia Metro Area and South New Jersey.


Closets must be entered by their owner. Third parties are welcome to prod and encourage entries, but in the end the owner must submit their entry. Our goal is to help organize and improve your storage solution.

To nominate a closet, fill out the form on this page.


Write: A brief description of the closet indicating its size, specific contents, and general state of disarray. Feel free to be as literary as necessary to evoke the extent of the problem, but all entries should be kept to within 250 words.

Attach: At least three good digital photos of your closet and environment. Try to capture different perspectives, and make sure you've got enough light on the subject.


Judging will be conducted by 2 expert designers and space optimization specialists from The Closet Works, David Cutler - CEO of The Closet Works, and 2 exterior consultants, to keep it fair.


The top voted entries from the Philadelphia Metro Area AND South New Jersey will receive 20% off their next project with Closet Works Inc, as well as a free accessories package (Estimated value of $200).  The winners will be contacted by a member of The Closet Works team, who will schedule the free in-home closet design consultation.



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