Women's closet organized for morning routine

Want a More Peaceful Morning Routine? Clean Out Your Closet!

If staring at your closet each morning gives you anxiety, or if your daily routine is 20 minutes longer than it should be because you can’t find the perfect outfit, you may be suffering from some serious closet clutter problems.

The truth is, you probably don’t wear some of what’s in your closet—you may have pieces that you’re holding on to for a bunch of different reasons, but none of them is because you’ll wear it next season.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Instead, you could wake up each morning to the birds serenading you as you effortlessly choose an outfit in your perfectly-organized closet. You just have to give your closet some love first and let go of some clothing, shoes and accessories.

Here’s what to get rid of to get your peaceful morning routine back:

Clothes needing to be cleaned out in closet

Anything with a stain. 

Unless you’ve got Martha Stewart on speed dial, or the stain hasn’t set yet, get rid of stained clothes. You’re not going to find a miracle stain remover, and you surely won’t wear that dress with the grease stain again.

Anything with a hole that can’t be hidden or mended.

Do you even own a sewing kit? If those pants have a hole in them on the seam, fix them immediately. If the hole is elsewhere, or you have no sewing skills whatsoever, give them up and buy a replacement pair.

Anything that looks great on the rack but not on your body. 

Sometimes, following the latest trend doesn’t work out. That shift dress you bought that looks more like a mu-mu than a stylish outfit for a night on the town should be donated. Give yourself a confidence boost by wearing clothes you feel good in.

Clothes with sentimental value only.

You’ll never wear those bridesmaid or prom dresses again. They’re out of style and as much as you’d like to believe “you can definitely hem them and wear them again,” it’s likely not true. Instead, donate them. They’ll make a great Halloween costume for someone else.

Clothes that have been just a shade tight—for the last five years.

You’ve been saying you’ll start that serious workout routine for a few years now. Instead of holding on to those jeans that are just a bit too snug, get rid of them. If you hit your weight-loss goal, you can reward yourself by buying a new pair.

Shoes that are worn beyond repair. 

Your favorite pair of high heels might have been “re-heeled” a few times, but the patent leather is showing its age with scuffs that just won’t buff away. It’s time to give up your old, worn shoes. They’ve gotten you plenty of places, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

Clothes lower in quality than what you buy now.

You’ve left Old Navy behind; J. Crew and Bloomingdale’s are now where you find your favorite outfits. So it’s time to get rid of those pieces that you bought years ago and graduate to clothes that are high quality and meant to last.

Clothes organized in closet after being cleaned out

Clearing your closet of the clothes you’ll never wear will take a weight off your shoulders. And donating them will make you feel good.

Now that you’ve got a closet full of the clothes you’ll happily wear, you’ll feel less stressed in the morning and ready to tackle your day.

If you’re interested in learning how you can take your organization to the next level with a custom closet, reach out to us.

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