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New Colors, New Ideas: 21 Color Ideas for 2021

According to scientists, there are over 18 decillion colors in the world. With scores of color options and interpretations, it can be genuinely overwhelming to select one or more for your home. Whether it’s your walk-in closet, the entertainment center in your living room or your crafting hub, you don’t want to regret the color(s) you choose.

With a new year, however, comes new inspiration, new ideas and certainly, more colors. We at The Closet Works have selected 17 new colors to add to our portfolio (and a few others we love) to feature for 2021. These 21 finishes can be used in any room and for any project. Our Designers, aka space optimization specialists, will walk you through the seemingly innumerable options we offer to help you determine a perfect fit. We have a belief we are adamant about and carry with us into every one of our design consultations: the color(s) you choose should be your choice.

So, rather than worry about how to choose the perfect color, instead simply ask yourself: what is my perfect color? Your answer may wait below…

White & Ivory Colors

Bianco, Tessuto & Spike Salt are the newest additions to our White & Ivory palette offerings, more of which you can discover here. Bianco has a solid white color but with a deep woodgrain texture and is bright white when it catches the eye, whereas Spike Salt has notes of grey with a herringbone pattern. Tessuto veers into ivory territory but with a plaid like surface (minus the color). Glacier White, our most popular color, is stark white making any color you pair with it  pop!

Glauco Cleaf color sample  Spike Salt Finsa color sample  Tessuto Finsa color sample  Glacer White Tafisa color option

Brown & Black Shades

On the opposite side of the spectrum are Brown and Black shades, specifically Glauco, Nero, Rame, Maya Bronze & Carbone. Glauco’s subtle hints of gold evokes a natural and earthy feeling. While Nero, has a highly-textured woodgrain finish on solid Black. Rame has ocre and gold tones highlighted with a natural stone texture. A rich leather color and texture puts Maya Bronze adds a sophistication to any project. Certainly not least, Carbone has a thick woodgrain and a woodsy aesthetic.

Glauco Cleaf color sample  Nero Cleaf color sample  Rame Cleaf color sample  Maya Bronze Cleaf color sample  Carbone Cleaf color option

Greys & Blue Hues

Grey & Blue hues are great color options when looking to add color but not something too overpowering. Our first blue is truly blue and is called Night. Night is close to navy but the stone texture reflect light giving the appearance of hints of grey, like on a cloudy evening. Ardesia is closer to a slate color and is true to grey and very interesting with a leather-like touch. Nebia is a much lighter version of grey than Ardesia with the same texture. Winter Time has a wood grain with hints of brown and sky blue running through it, thus making it a nod to the cool season. Don’t let their names fool you – Concrete and Concrete Bianco are not your typical concrete colorings of slabs you’d find outside. Both colors have a concrete texture to them, but Concrete is greyer whereas Concrete Bianco has – you guessed it – much closer to white. If you’re looking for inspiration in textiles, then look no further than Smoky & Spike Pepper. Smoky has a floral design with greys and hints of brown. Spike Pepper has that classic herringbone pattern, very similar to Spike Salt, only Spike Pepper’s design is more pronounced than its nuanced cousin. Steel has a flush finish that is perfect for a modern or contemporary look. Weekend Getaway is primarily grey but with subtle taupe accents you might find in a tropical destination.

Night Cleaf color sample  Ardesia Cleaf color sample  Nebia Cleaf color sample  Winter Time Cleaf color sample  Concrete Cleaf color sample  Concrete Bianco Cleaf color sample  Smoky Cleaf color sample  Red Oak Finsa color sample  Steel color sample  Weekend Getaway Beveled Shaker door and drawer front color sample

Beige, Taupe & Red Tones

Cancun Linen & Red Oak are our newest additions to the Beige & Taupe and Red Tones families. Cancun Linen has a fabric like texture that’s reminiscent of an island getaway with yellow undertones. Red Oak is not poignantly red, but rather, creates a soft, pink like hue along its wooden grain that makes it a great complimentary color for any space.

Cancun Linen Finsa color sample   Red Oak Finsa color sample

Color is subjective. What speaks to your aesthetic & goals may be similar or the polar opposite from what your neighbor would choose. When choosing a color palette, let alone one color, you may feel pressure – it is an investment, after all. We understand this. Our Designers understand this. Rather than take it upon us to focus any tone or texture in particular, we guide you through your selection process. One of our many roles is to make you feel confident in your color choice(s). Our goal is that it makes you smile.

Interested in learning more about getting organized or The Closet Works’ custom closet installations? Contact us today for a free design consultation with one of our professional Designers.

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