Modern and stylish sliding doors on closet in studio

Old Sliding Doors Got You Down? It’s Time to Upgrade

All it takes is a quick Google search to learn that old bifold and sliding doors aren’t exactly a small problem. After a while those old sliding doors don’t slide, and those bifold doors just don’t fold. But the solution might be right in front of your eyes.

New, replacement closet doors work like a dream. They slide like they’re supposed to, and they don’t pop off the track like worn out doors do. And as for looks, there’s a lot more available now than the typical louvered and faux paneled styles.

Here’s what you can expect when you add new sliding doors in your home.

beautiful sliding doors in livingroom area

Custom Doors That Are Built to Last

Most older sliding doors are flimsy, and the track systems don’t stand up to years of repeated use. But new sliding doors are different in almost every way. It all begins with a design consultation, where we learn what you need and show you what we can create.

The fabrication and installation are built to last. Tracks are durable, not thin and flimsy, and the rollers won’t pop out no matter how many times you open and close the doors. The materials for the doors are not only beautiful, but they also stand up to a lot of use. These doors are substantial, and they show it.

sliding doors on kitchen pantry

These are Not Your Mother’s Doors

Forget about the old limitations with sliding door style. What’s available now is definitely not old fashioned. We build sliding doors to your specifications using a wide range of possible materials and colors.

Do you love the look of glass? You can have it. Laminate and wood grain sliding doors are also available. No matter what you like, chances are we can design it and then build it to fit your home perfectly.

sliding doors in bathroom with wood grain

Sliding Doors Are Multipurpose

If you keep up with design trends, chances are you’ve seen the sliding barn doors that are so popular. The theory is good, but the reality is a bit trickier to pull off effectively. With barn doors from The Closet Works, you can create a very cool look over an opening without worrying about any swinging door clearance.

beautiful sliding glass doors separating livingroom and bedroom

Old sliding doors can definitely be a pain, but new doors from the Closet Works solve everything. If yours are out of style, worn, broken, or a combination of those problems, our in-house designers can help you create something you’ll really love — that will function perfectly — at a guaranteed low price.

Say goodbye to sticky tracks, sliders that pop out and doors that are just plain ugly. Schedule a free design consultation today, and see just how beautiful, long-lasting and smart new sliding doors can really be.

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