Custom wardrobe built with glass door inserts

No Bedroom Closet? No Problem!

Our bedrooms are a place of calm, peace and restorative sleep. Ideally. Yet, when we have clutter – clothes piled up, shoes strewn across the floor, and who knows what lurks under the bed, we unknowingly create a sense of chaos. Even worse, if we have zero closet space, it presents an even bigger challenge for developing that refuge. There’s ways to address a few problems and some great solutions to consider:

Shoe cubbies below a bedroom closet window

Problem: There’s no place to store my clothes, shoes and other necessities. Inheriting a bedroom space with no closet poses a clear challenge. Let’s face it, most bedrooms DO have closets, so when you run into this problem, you’re likely left scratching your head. Add the problems of time and energy to solve what seems daunting, and it’s worse. The good news is there are ways to work around the problem of no bedroom closet space!

Solution: First, declutter and sort. A good first step is to get busy deciding what you actually need to store in a closet. We know, we know, the closet doesn’t yet exist, but read on. In order to get order, it’s necessary to make decisions. Designate a day or a week for sorting and decluttering. Make a list of what is used and what isn’t. Separate into piles of what you actually need/use and what you rarely use. If something has little to no value to you, it’s time to donate it or give it away. This is one of the most mentally freeing acts you can do towards resolving clutter. And for the items you use often, but don’t have a proper home, skip to the next step.

Wardrobe closet with white finish and glass door inserts

Problem: You Need a Closet, but how? Closets are a big value in your home, and even more so in the bedroom, where there is more to deal with. Because it’s our resting and personal place, we tend to do plenty in the bedroom – read, dress, relax and dwell. Not to mention, sleep. In order to foster the proper environment for these activities, a tidy space is non-negotiable.  

Solution: Consider Your Options for Closet Storage and Let Us Help! At The Closet Works, we offer custom wardrobe design choices. Whether you need a wardrobe closet with drawers and cubbies to fit items of clothing and shoes, or a hanging rack system designed to accommodate your space, we can help you solve the problem. Decide which items you use most frequently and then choose an organization system that fits those items. For example, having limited space calls for a custom solution, and we are experts at design.  It’s important to organize the most-used clothes and shoes, books, and accessories so you can have quick access. This eliminates the clutter, of course, and lessens your frustration when everything has a space. Organization helps you breathe easier.

Murphy bed with entertainment center

Problem: You Have a Small Space that Needs to Work Big. Small bedroom spaces can pose challenges for us, yet there are options we may not consider simply because we aren’t aware! We also fall prey to the idea that small spaces make us feel cramped and unhappy, when in fact, we can tidy up and make better use of the small space all at once. 

Solution: Consider the Options. We’ve designed organization for many bedrooms and plenty without existing closets. One possible consideration is the Murphy Wall Bed, a system that offers an actual bed that can be folded into a wall unit but also doubles as storage too. You gain needed floor space while attending to clothing and accessory storage. It’s a timeless concept and an excellent choice for smaller areas that need to do bigger work. 

No matter what you face when you walk into your bedroom – no closet or little space, we’ve got you covered. This is where our design team of experts can help you decide what will work best for your space. 

At The Closet Works, our team of professionals can assess and assist you to find the right solution for your organizational needs. To learn more about organization and how an effective custom storage solution can transform your home, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation. Qualified personnel with years of industry experience are waiting to help answer any questions you may have.

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