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Organization Inspiration: 8 Superb Space-Saving Beds

Space is often at a premium, regardless of the size of your home. That is why it is so important to find solutions that are designed to optimize any available areas and ensure that they are as functional as possible. Rooms that are multi-purpose often wind up cluttered with furniture, and floor space can disappear all too quickly. For such rooms that double as a guest room for visitors, it is especially difficult to create a comfortable place to sleep while maintaining a place for a comfortable, useable space whether it be for an office, a den or a hobby or craft room. Sometimes you need a unique and creative solution that will allow you to maximize the amount of space you have no matter how large or small.

Organization Inspiration Bookcase Murphy Bed

Get inspired with these custom space-saving beds to help with your organization:

1. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds can provide the answer even when you may not think you have enough space to create a dual purpose room in your home. They are an ideal solution to create a guest room and still have the ability to use the room every day as an office, playroom, media room, den or a hobby room. Wall beds are also a great option for studio apartments, lofts or even tiny homes. They are an easy, affordable and effective solution that can turn the most challenging corners and alcoves into a useable, beautiful and comfortable sleeping area.

Organization Inspiration Murphy Bed Office

Home offices and guest rooms are two of the most commonly combined rooms. This room converts quickly from an office to a guest room with the opening of a cabinet!

Sliding bookcase Murphy bed open

Murphy beds can function as more than just a vertical home to store your bed, they can also provide additional storage and an open shelf space for showcasing items such as collectibles and books.

Organization Inspiration Productivity Paradise Murphy Bed

Looking for more creative home office ideas? This home office stores the Murphy bed in a matching cabinet along an adjacent wall which aligns with the décor and style of the room. The cabinet looks beautiful and keeps the office functional when not in use.

Space Saving Side Tilt Murphy Bed

Murphy beds can function well in other areas of the home as well, even a dining room!

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2. Hidden Beds

Another great solution for small or multi-functioning spaces are hidden beds. Hidden beds are combination units that provide both a bed and a desk, or a bed and a couch in the same space. They free up a lot of room and can be custom designed to address your unique storage needs so your space is utilized to maximum efficiency.

Organization Inspiration Children's Hidden Bed

This children’s room hidden bed is perfect for small bedrooms as it easily converts between a bed and a desk. Built in shelves not only provide additional storage but organize children’s gear including toys. Everything will be easily accessible, and the items stay completely in place as you transition from a bed to a desk adding even more functionality to this all-in-one unit.

Summer Organization Inspiration Hidden Bed

This hidden bed combines a desk, bed and shelf unit for maximum efficiency and organization.

3. Zoom-Room Beds

Zoom-Room beds utilize a newer technology that adds a techno twist to the concept of the hide-away bed. With a simple click of a remote, your bed rolls out from being stored vertically behind a cabinet or reverts back to its original hiding place with the same ease. They provide a different and “jazzy” solution to mix.

Summer Organization Inspiration Zoom Room Bed Animation

Organization Inspiration Zoom Room

This zoom-room bed combines functionality with style. A beautiful living room unit converts into a comfortable guest room with the push of a button.

Organization Inspiration Zoom Room Bed

If there is a challenging location where you would like to have a guest room, chances are a custom unit can be designed for your specific needs.

4. Bonus Bed!

We know this one isn’t space-saving, but we just couldn’t resist showing you this gorgeous custom bed and shelf unit!

Summer Organization Inspiration Custom Bed Frame and Shelves

We hope these space-saving beds will inspire you as you get your home organized! Our experienced Designers at The Closet Works can help you create gorgeous and functional solutions that will solve your floor space challenges. Schedule a free design consultation today and make your space work more efficiently!

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