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Hobbies are good for relieving stress, enhancing your social life, and expanding your sense of self. Whether you enjoy sports, puzzles, or crafts, The Closet Works is here to encourage you to do more of what makes you happy. 

When it comes to crafting, there are many different ways to express yourself and enjoy your downtime. Even if you lack space and organization, it’s still possible to make your space perfect for whatever hobby you enjoy. The great thing about custom-made units in your home is that they are designed to best suit your specific hobby and style.

Today we’re going to talk directly to Cricut users that need better storage for their Cricut machine and supplies in their craft room

Craft room organized with open shelving and center island

The Popularity of Cricut Crafting 

The Cricut is a machine that can print your custom designs on materials like vinyl, cardstock, and more. Machines come in multiple sizes with various accessories and materials to help you get the most out of your Cricut. 

Sounds like fun, right? In a smaller space, storage can become a challenge. What’s the best way to store what you need while still giving yourself the workspace you need to use your machine and create pieces you’re proud of? 

Benefits of a Wall Unit

A wall unit is a great way to store what you need and keep all of your materials in one place. Your Cricut might need a little more space than a traditional square cubby, and with this storage option, we’ve got you covered. You can display your machine in your wall unit, or tuck it away safely on covered shelving protected by a door. 

Rolls of Cricut vinyl are long and thin. If stored improperly, you’ll have to deal with vinyl rolling off the shelves or hanging halfway out of cubbies. We can help you build a space that includes a storage cubby deep enough to comfortably store rolls of vinyl.

Pull-Out Drawers for Accessory Storage

What about your tools and accessories? Those can have a designated spot, too! 

When it comes to storing smaller items, there’s a better option than tossing them in large baskets to get jumbled up with other items. Pull-out drawers are the perfect space for smaller items and accessories that keep your creativity flowing.

Custom craft room with organized shelves and easel

Now that your items have a secure storage space, let’s talk about the space you need to create your masterpieces! Let’s talk about your workspace options. 

An Island as a Workspace

We recommend having an island and a desk for ample countertop space. Islands are great for several reasons. First, they create a centralized location that makes it easy to turn around and grab items from your wall unit. Plus, they’re easy to clean up.

Islands are also great for creating extra storage. Are there items you reach for frequently and want to have readily available? Store them in your workspace so no time is wasted. An island makes for a beautiful display that will immediately catch your guests’ eyes when they walk into your space.

Craft room with desk and drawers with deep storage for file storage

Don’t Forget Your Desk

With their rectangular shape, desks create the perfect space for laying out your Cricut and creating your art. 

Do you sell your art? Many people dedicate their island to creative work and use their desk for administrative work. Consider keeping shipping labels, extra paper, and mailers in your desk drawers and storage areas. 

Custom craft room with additional storage in center island and side desk

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