Organized garage system with standing cabinets and shelves

How to Organize Your Garage in the Winter

If you live somewhere that calls for snow blowers, back-up generators, and winter gear, you might need some help organizing all of your winter essentials. Fortunately, we know how to help! 

Keep reading for some practical ways to store essentials, as well as the first few steps you’ll need to get started. Before you know it, your car won’t need to compete for space in your garage, and you won’t have to squeeze into tight spaces to get to the items you need. 

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Storage 

The first thing you’ll want to do is check up on previous storage solutions from seasons or years past. Your garage should be a place where you can find your super glue, extension cords, and other supplies with ease whenever you need them. 

Step 2: Sort Your Items

Group similar items together and find a place for them. Utilizing pull-out drawers and labeling them is a great way to store your items so you can find what you need every time. This is no small task, but getting it done can feel like a weight off your shoulders. 

Garage cabinets organized with butcher block counter space

Garages often turn into a catch-all for family gear and accessories. Our goal is to create functional spaces where you can find your essentials quickly and efficiently. This step also allows you to break down the overwhelming task of getting your garage in order by starting with your pull drawers. 

Step 3: Store Summer Essentials and Lesser-Used Items

Since you won’t be reaching for your gardening tools or kayak anytime soon, we suggest storing them higher up, either on a wall rack or in cabinets, to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Check out our storeWALL track systems, which can be customized to fit your family’s needs. Wall racks are a great way to maximize floor space so your car can be stored safely in the garage like it was intended to be! 

StorWALL track system organizing bikes on garage wall

Additionally, cabinets with sliding doors are a great option for tighter spaces or corner areas where door clearance might be an issue. Add locks to store dangerous items (like chemicals), and keep them secure and out of reach around children and pets. 

Step 4: Make Frequently Used Items Easily Accessible 

Having easy access to salt and shovels can make the difference between a dangerous slip on the driveway and a safe trip to the store. Store shovels on the wall near the door so you can grab and go and so you have more space for the things you need. Winter storms are no match for your organized snow essentials!

Step 5: Customize a New Storage Solution

You’ll need your winter essentials handy this season, so storing them the right way is crucial. But how do you store them all? 

Garage cabinets organizing tools and golf clubs with wall system and vertical slider

We suggest a custom garage storage solution. A design professional can create custom spaces you need to fit your family’s items so they stay well-maintained for years to come. Our standing cabinets are designed with steel-mounted legs that provide a built-in defense in case your garage takes on water. Emergencies happen and we design with the integrity of your items in mind.

Let’s Get Started!

Take the time to put everything you need in an easily accessible, properly marked place in your garage. Utilize pull-out drawers, wall racks, and standing cabinets for everything from temporarily retired summer gear and everyday essentials. Before you know it, you’ll look forward to pulling your car into a well-organized and functional garage.

Looking for guidance on how to maximize your space? Reach out to us and request a free consultation today!

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