Small Walk-in closet organized

How Do You Organize a Small Walk-In Closet?

When it comes to organizing your entire wardrobe a small walk-in closet, you should first consider the space that you have. Survey it and decide once and for all: should I have a professional designer become my new best friend and help me transform it into something special?

If you have a will and a way, then of course we recommend you pursue this route. Not only will you get the chance to redesign with a new wall color, finish and overall look & feel, but you can work with an expert on your storage needs. This expert, or space optimization specialist as we like to call them, will perform a detailed analysis of the closet and then after that, have an in-depth conversation with you, and will come up with a detailed visual rendering.

Let’s play hypotheticals here and assume you decided to finally commence with your project – congratulations! The options are endless for what you can use to expand the scope of your closet without a change in size.

There are options like:

  • A belt holder and scarf or tie rack. These accessories take up very little room as they either extend from within a vertical panel or hang on the wall or end panel. They also offer visibility, which is far better than storing belts in the back of a closet or balling up your ties and/or scarves and then tossing them in a bin. Say bye to wrinkles, too!
  • Create custom sections with shelves, drawers and hanging to efficiently and economically maximize the space in your particular closet. This example is a personal favorite. As you can see in the custom-made smaller walk-in shown below, each piece has been designed and manufactured to fit perfectly, taking into account the slanted ceilings and angled walls. The design speaks to efficiently utilizing the entire space. Homes are provided for folded garments, hanging garments (long and short), shoes, underwear, lingerie and other items best stored in drawers, plus a built-in velvet lined jewelry drawer. There’s even a tilt-out removable laundry hamper!

Closet with tilt open storage at the top and tilt out hamper at the bottom    Closet Design

  • Appeal to your vanity. If you’re a person who’s in need of a place to put on your makeup, do your hair, or simply groom, then a flip-up vanity is the right choice for you. It conceals all of your makeup and grooming tools inside, leaving you with a workspace on top when it’s closed. This flat area can cater to a myriad of uses.
  • Get creative. If you have a window in your small walk-in, then there’s an opportunity there waiting to be opened. You could always:
    • Install a storage bench below, which can be used for whatever you desire, including shoes, folded garments, and even hats!
    • Build around it. You can do something marvelous like create a shoe system that abuts the exterior of the window. The result? You have a cool shoe display while leaving other space for hanging tiers and/or deep roll-outs. Check out the shoe storage image when you scroll down!

Flip up vanitty with storage in walk-in closet   Custom vanity with storage built in to walk-in closet

Custom cabinet and built-in bench under beautiful picture window   Custom built closet with shoe storage under picture window

If you’re unable to enhance your walk-in at this time, have no fear – we have more ideas. Specifically, a few organization tips to help get you through until your closet dreams can be realized. 

Organizational Tips:

  • Utilize stackable hangers. These take advantage of your limited space, allowing for more hanging storage.
  • Do not pile items in drawers. This limits your visibility over what you own, which may lead to duplicate purchases.
    • Instead, fold your shirts Marie Kondo style (here’s a link to learn how) and then lean them against each other vertically. You can see everything now.
  • Store your shoes elsewhere (if you can). Shoes are known for tracking in dirt and other undesirable, icky things. We’re not saying your shoes are dirty but keep them elsewhere other than under your hanging clothes in your closet. A mudroom is ideal, but you can also put them in your laundry room, or in a hollow bench.
    • Hang shoes over your door. These hanging systems are very inexpensive, and free up floor space underneath your stackable hangers. You don’t want your clothes touching your shoes anyhow.
  • Baskets. Baskets are great for the tippy top shelves in your closet system. These hard-to-reach areas come to mind when storage is needed for seldomly used items. Use all of the dead space – all of it. And just grab a foot stool to help you aim high when needed.

Interested in learning more about getting organized or The Closet Works’ installations? Request a free consultation with one of our professional Designers today.

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