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By: Closet Works Inc. on October 5th, 2011

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Organize Your Closets

Closet Organization

How to Organize Your Closets Most Effectively
or Transcendental Organization- Mind Over Belongings

Now that you have the ultimate in closet organizing systems as provided by The Closet Works, Inc., just follow these simple laws of nature to assure the “organizer’s high” that comes to all who neatly fold:

  • Don’t hang or stack items that shed like angora or mohair near ones Custom Closet that attract like corduroy or velvet.
  • Don’t hide things away in drawers that can be easily folded square (like sweaters or tee shirts) and which are better stored on open shelves. The ones in the bottom of the drawer rarely get worn.

    Custom built reach in closet with wood cabinet and shelving
  • Don’t hang sweaters or knits; fold them to maintain their shape. You don’t want bulges in the shoulders.
  • Store special occasion shoes in labeled boxes on higher shelves. Use your lower shoe shelves for your every day foot wear.
  • Fold scarves flat and store them on the shelves between your double hang sections.

  • Belts with large or awkward buckles that won’t fit easily on belt racks can be coiled and then stored in drawers with compartments or on shelves.

  • Store purses either standing on their bottoms or lying flat and stuff them with tissue paper to help retain their shape.

  • To avoid snags, store hosiery in clear plastic bags or in dedicated hosiery drawers with Lucite dividers.

  • Don’t squish too many folded items onto a shelf to avoid crushing and walk in closet wrinkling. The same goes for your hanging clothing. Give items a bit of space when hanging as it also helps air them out after wearing.

    White reach-in closet with double hangers, shoe shelves and pull out drawers
  • Don’t hesitate to continually update your wardrobe by removing those items rarely worn or out of sate. Give them to some worthy charity. You will feel good about an act of kindness while making room for new items that you will wear.
  • Experiment! Move things around, try new ways to maximize your storage space while preserving the condition of your clothing. Have fun in your closet!


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