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Organize Your Closets

Organizing your closet is not just an exercise to walk through for kicks. An organized closet will make everyday life much simpler and less stressful. It will also keep your wardrobe and accessories in better condition and lasting longer. You will be able to find items much quicker and easier and return clothing to its proper and designated place. So what is the secret?

Here are some great strategies to effectively organize your closet.

Custom built reach in closet system organized

1. Hang and store items with a strategy in mind

Before placing any clothes on a hanger or on a rod, it is important to know what type of clothes you have and where it makes the most sense to hang them. Longer dresses and pants need more height to hang properly. But you can make use of the open space under shorter items such as blouses and shirts by adding another level of hanging clothes or custom shelving. Use all the same style hangers for a sense of continuity. This also makes the closet look much neater and organized. Use special hangers for pants which will keep them from creasing and getting wrinkled. Store similar items together. Each type of clothing or accessory should have a dedicated location – pants, shirts, blouses, belts and even scarves.

Hang anything that is considered delicate. Heavier items like denim or sweaters are best stored folded and stacked on shelving or in cubbies. Folding sweaters helps them maintain their shape – no bulges in the shoulders from a hanger. Be sure to avoid squishing too many folded items onto a shelf to keep them from crushing and wrinkling. The same goes for your hanging clothing. Give items a bit of space when hanging, as it helps to air them out after wearing. Don’t hang or stack items that shed, like angora or mohair, near ones that attract, like corduroy or velvet.

2. Use closet space wisely

Place any clothing you wear frequently in the middle of the closet and at eye level for easier access. Store less-often worn, special occasion shoes in labeled boxes on higher shelves and out of the way. And just use your lower shoe shelves for your everyday foot wear. Organize clothing items in a manner that makes sense for you and how you choose to get dressed. For example, you may place outfits in your closet by season, occasion, or style. Organize your drawer contents in the order you get dressed. Undergarments should be in the top drawer, with shirts and blouses underneath, followed by pants and slacks and lastly, shoes. Don’t hesitate to continually update your wardrobe by removing those items rarely worn or which are out of date. Give them to a worthy charity. You will feel good about an act of kindness while making room for new items that you will wear.

Organized reach in closet with jackets and shirts neatly hung

3. Smart Accessory Storage

So where is the best place to store all of those special accessory items? Belts with large or awkward buckles that won’t fit easily on racks, can instead be coiled and stored in drawers with compartments. Drawer dividers and inserts are perfect for undergarments, socks, scarves and jewelry. To avoid snags, hosiery can be stored in clear plastic bags. Store purses either standing on their bottoms or lying flat. Stuff them with tissue paper to help retain their shape.

Beautiful walk in closet vaninty with purses neatly organized and displayed

In the end, remember that nothing is set in stone. Experiment! Move things around, try new ways to maximize your storage space while preserving the condition of your clothing. Have fun in your closet! If you still have questions or are finding it difficult to get the organization you desire, we are here to help! Schedule a free in-home design consultation with one of our experienced Designers.

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