Organize Your Garage for Fall

Now that summer has ended and fall is breezing in, it’s the perfect time to consider organizing your garage for cooler weather. With a bit of planning, ingenuity, and motivation, garage organization is an easy process to get started.

There are several reasons it’s a good idea to get organized: decluttering, providing easy access and ensuring your items are safely stored. Your garage is not an area of your home you should ignore. It’s not just a place to park vehicles, but an integral storage resource for those items you can’t store inside.

Let’s make the most of it!

Clean the Garage and Clear Summer Clutter

It’s much easier to begin organizing when you’ve got a sense of just what’s in your pace by clearing it all out and taking inventory. A lot of dirt and debris accumulate over the summer months. When you’re constantly shuffling the kids to sports, wheeling bikes in and out, and commuting to and from work, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of it!

Begin by pulling items out and then performing a thorough sweep and clean of the floor, corners and along the ceiling, removing dust and cobwebs. It’s always easier to start with a clean slate.

Organized garage cabinets, shelves and drawers

Easy Access

To get to your items safely and quickly, access is key. You need clear floor space and uncluttered paths to make this task effortless.

Access can be arranged in two ways. First, consider a vertical arrangement and utilize the wall space effectively. A storeWALL system can contain a variety of items regardless of the shape or size. It’s completely customizable with hooks, shelves, brackets, bins and baskets, which are properly configured for the right weight and size of the objects you are planning to store. 

Second, consider what kind of cabinetry best fits your space. Make sure there is ample room for cars, motorcycles, etc. so you can easily open doors and move freely around your vehicles. Will the cabinet doors be able to open with the cars in the garage? They will if the system is designed properly—you can either incorporate swinging doors with proper clearances or sliding doors as an alternative.

The items you store inside cabinets should be logical to your needs. Think about the things you need frequent access to: sports gear, tools, or winter weather equipment. You can choose to put the more frequently used items on the middle shelves with the lesser used items higher up. It’s also a good idea to rotate seasonal items for ease of use—summer equipment moves to the back and fall/winter items move forward for hassle-free access.

Garage cabinets with outdoor furniture and tools neatly organized

Safe Storage

Even though many people think of their garage as a catch-all, it isn’t the best place to keep certain things. The fall and winter months are no exception. Avoid storing anything flammable, paint, chemicals, or propane tanks.  Paper products, such as extra paper towels, plates, or napkins, can attract rodents and get ruined by moisture. These items are best stored in your pantry or kitchen.

As a rule, when the temperatures fall, your garage is a good place to keep anything that won’t be affected by the cold. Further protect these items from the elements by storing them off the floor, using secure bins when necessary.

Create an Overall Sense of Order

Taking a few simple steps to create an organized garage for fall will save you time. You’ll have easy access, a greater sense of peace knowing your items are safely stored away awaiting warmer weather, and a better appreciation for your space. Being able to move your vehicles in and out of the garage without having to rearrange your garage in the process can be an amazing feeling!

If you’re getting your garage ready for the change in seasons and you’re in need of better organization, reach out to us for a free, in-home consultation.

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