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Alyssa and her husband, Craig, were very excited to move into their new home. Needing help with unpacking and organizing, they had been working with Cait from the Neat Method in Philadelphia. During this process they realized that their bedroom closets were not going to be sufficient for their storage needs. With basic multi-level hanging rods and shelving and a challenging space with lots of corners, they knew that needed a more efficient and customized solution to fit their needs in order and better utilize the space. They had used another closet company for the closets in their previous home. After speaking with Cait, Alyssa and Craig decided to reach out to our Designer, Jill, and give The Closet Works a try. They could not have been more pleased with the results.

“I wanted to use the entire space as a one-stop-shop for all of my clothing and accessories.”

Jill and Alyssa were able to start with a clean slate as everything had been ripped out, spackled and painted white. There were two features that Alyssa desired most: a space to store all her shoes and an area to display her jewelry collection. Craig’s needs were simple. He needed the closet space to have a better overall flow and have his clothing properly organized and accessible for his daily needs.

Jill had showed Alyssa and Craig several ideas from our showroom and from our comprehensive collection of colors and finishes, door and drawer fronts styles and accessories. She also showed them ideas from external sites like Pinterest for additional inspiration. Cait provided recommendations and resources throughout the design process ensuring that their organization goals were achieved and the layout of the spaces was optimal.

“The bones of the space were just really great. We just needed to adjust some shelf heights and help plan the flow and needs of the space.” – Cait, Neat Method Philadelphia

The features that Alyssa enjoys most are the corner space for her shoes and the storage for her jewelry. The corner has customized shelving which maximizes the space and accommodates her impressive shoe collection. Her shoes are easy to access and are organized by boots, casuals and heels. Alyssa is “obsessed” “(her word, not ours) with the accessory drawers and their depth. The cabinets above the drawers have glass inserts where she can hang and display her necklaces on hooks. Alyssa loves seeing her entire collection, now that they are organized and visible.

Craig loves that he can see his hats displayed and the tie and belt rack hangers. His clothing is organized by category based on what he wears daily for work or for recreation. Dress shirts are placed together, followed by polos, and then sorted by color. He also utilizes baskets for seasonal items. Shoes are stored together by type (sneakers, dress, etc.) Craig also has plenty of additional room as he grows more into the closet space he hadn’t had before.

“Jill really put the best layout out there possible. Every little detail was just really thorough and thought through. Everything has a place which is what I love the most.”

Alyssa and Craig are already working on the plans for their next project which includes a walk-in mudroom off the garage. They are looking for better organization for their children where items like backpacks, shoes, gloves, hats and jackets can be stored immediately upon entering the home. Alyssa likes the idea of cubbies and envisions a locker style set-up for each member of her family.

“[I] loved everything from the minute I met Jill to the end. I have told everyone I know about The Closet Works. I was in sticker shock, the price was unbeatable!”

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