Organizing Relieves Stress

How Organizing Relieves Stress

Organizing your pantry or closet may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your afternoon or weekend. However, organizing your space has many stress-relieving benefits! According to, “By decluttering your living spaces, you can decrease housework, too, by 40%. Staying organized will actually lower your cortisol levels—the body’s primary stress hormone.” 

In addition to feeling confident inside and outside your home, as well as saving money on products and clothes, organizing the home is actually good for your health. Did you know there are many diseases directly linked to stress, like heart disease and even Alzheimer’s? Prioritizing stress relief in your life should be one of your top priorities. 

When we say organizing, think beyond alphabetized bookshelves or color-coordinated closets. Although those are also great strategies for staying organized, you’ll get better results if you focus your attention on the areas that will make the most impact in your space. That’s where we come in! 

Ready to transform your home and get organized? Let’s cover some basics first. 

Staying Organized

Focus on One Area 

Start by focusing on one area of your home. This could be your closet, your garage, pantry, craft room, or any space that could benefit from better organization. Choosing a room you and your family use often is a great place to start. Our number-one rule when it comes to organizing your space: declutter!

Let’s face it—there’s no point in organizing expired cans of beans and stale chips when you should really be focusing on what you frequently reach for. Removing everything from your pantry or taking inventory of what you have stored in your garage sounds like a step you should skip, but we promise, the process goes a lot faster once you know what you’re organizing.

 Pro Tip: Rushing through this step can make it more stressful. Grab a glass of wine, put on some music, and acknowledge that while this process may feel long and tedious, it’s always worth it in the end. 

Focus on Each Area

Sort Your Items into Piles 

Next, you’ll want to create two piles. Whether you’re working with tools and old sporting equipment or expired food, decide what you’re going to keep and what may be worth giving away. If nothing is salvageable, toss it in the trash as a last resort. 

When you put everything back in your space, you’ll have a blank canvas to work from

Pro Tip: While you’re filling up your ‘donate’ pile, it might also be a good time for the kids or other members of your family to create their own piles of items to donate. For children, the task of sorting will keep them occupied while you focus on your space, and more importantly, it will teach them the importance of giving back and donating items they no longer use to those in need. 

Add the Right Organizational Tools 

The real benefit of organizing is actually keeping your space organized. Imagine spending the weekend organizing your pantry to perfection, only for your kids to wake up Monday morning and leave your pantry in disarray again—boxes of cereal sitting next to cans of soup. 

The solution to maintaining your efforts is having a system that allows you to keep your space organized. Here are a few organizational products that can ensure every item in your home has a place.

If your pantry is in need of some TLC, try:

  •  A Tiered Lazy Susan 
    • This product makes all items visible and easily accessible. With independently moving tiers, you’ll never wonder if you have the ingredients you need. A tiered Lazy Susan is perfect for cans, peanut butter, and boxes of cereal. 
  • Pull-out Baskets 
    • These baskets create the ideal spot for grab-and-go items like bags of chips and cookies. 
  • Built-in Wine Storage
    • Your favorite wines can be stored securely and kept out of reach for little hands. 

Organizing Pantry Area

Time to Put Everything Back

Once everything in your space has a home, it’s time to put your decluttered items back. That could mean hanging your favorite ties on your new tie rack or storing heavy tools on your StoreWALL system.

Remember, training your brain to store items in new spaces and break new habits takes time. Be patient with yourself! Once you find your groove, disorganization may end up being more work than keeping everything organized. 

Keep Everything Packed

Pro Tip: The Closet Works offers a free consultation with our design professionals to make installing a new system in your home as simple as possible. Let us help you destress! Reach out today. 

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