Space saving murphy bed open in dual use room

Short on Space for Out of Town Guests? Try a Murphy Bed!

The holidays are right around the corner, which for many of us means that aunts, uncles, parents, cousins and friends might stay a night or two.

Without a designated guest room, guests end up sleeping in all kinds of rooms throughout the house on floors, air mattresses and couches. There must be a better solution!

It’s fun to host family and friends around the holidays. But for out of town guests, there’s nothing worse than trying to get comfortable on a sofa bed with a mattress so thin you can feel the springs digging into your back.

Equally as bad is an air mattress that no doubt has a tiny hole in it—the mattress will ever-so-slowly deflate overnight and you’ll wake up on the cold, hard floor right around 3 a.m. And if you opt to sleep on the couch and give Aunt Barb your bed, you’ll have the privilege of waking up when your 6-year-old wants to watch cartoons in the morning.

You can avoid all of this by adding a Murphy bed to your house.

Murphy Beds Design

What is a Murphy bed ?

It’s a hidden bed with a normal, thick mattress that easily folds out from the wall. It’s completely concealed when it’s not in use; your guests would assume it’s just a cabinet or a bookcase.

But you can easily fold it out with one hand and, voila, you’ve got extra space for out of town guests.

Bookcase sliding open with a pull down Murphy bed

Wall Beds: A Guest Room without Building an Addition

If you’ve got family that visits a few times a year, you’re obviously not going to build an addition on your home just to add a guest room. The chances of it getting used enough to warrant the cost are slim. And you’d also rather not ask loved ones to spend money to stay in a nearby hotel.

A Murphy bed provides plenty of space for your home office, craft room, playroom or den and can transform the room when you need space for extra sleepers. It helps you use the space more efficiently and it’s a fraction of the cost, depending on the finishes you choose.

Bedroom Style that Easily Fits into Your Home

What makes a Murphy bed such a great addition to your home is that it can provide more space for guests without being obtrusive. Murphy beds don’t take up a lot of space. Depending on your room design or shape, your Murphy bed can be installed vertically or horizontally, allowing for artwork, bookshelves or even a TV to be placed on the wall above the bed.

With a sofa bed, you’re limited in the number of styles to choose…and as we’ve already discussed, what you’re getting is a sleeping space that’s just slightly more comfortable than sleeping on a torture device.

A custom Murphy bed can be designed with your style in mind. So if it’s becoming a part of your home office, it can be built to perfectly match the style of your office furniture. Murphy beds can also be built to incorporate a desk or bookshelves, creating an eye-catching and functional piece of furniture.

Pull down Mutphy Bed in custom built wood cabinet

Fold Up Beds Provide A Genuinely Comfortable Night’s Rest

Murphy beds built by The Closet Works can accommodate any type of mattress and any size bed—from a twin to a king. The mattress itself even rests on a wood slatted system, rather than a wooden plank, making it more comfortable than other Murphy beds. Your guests will get a great night of rest when they stay at your house. And when they leave, your office, den or playroom easily transforms back to its intended space.

How do you make space for out of town guests? Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you!

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