Organized Walk In Closet Finished in White Wood

How To Know When You Are Outgrowing Your Current Space

It’s easy to spot when your organizational system isn’t working. Things are difficult to reach, the space is too small for what you’re storing or you are always rummaging through things because they aren’t logically grouped. But sometimes, the warning signs that your space needs a little help, are a little more subtle. Small things happen slowly over time and go unnoticed at first, but overall have a large impact on our happiness and comfort. Here are some stressful states that may have rooted themselves while you were busy with life, and how you can resolve them.

Your Kitchen Table Becomes a Desk

If you have the benefit of working from home, you may turn around one day and notice that the kitchen or dining room table has become the semi-permanent home for your laptop, paperwork and other work-related clutter. Family dinners have to be relocated, or the table needs to be cleared and set up again the next day for work. You need a productive place to work and have proper storage without having to designate an entire room to a home office space. A home office with a Murphy bed might just be the perfect solution. The room can easily transition from its primary purpose as a work area to an accommodating guest bedroom when needed. Cabinets are customized for the type of storage you need including deep linen drawers for additional pillows and blankets, wide file drawers or cubbies for printers. There is no complicated setup, the bed simply pulls down when needed from behind doors or sliding or pivoting bookcases.

Home office with pulled down Murphy Bed

Furniture Fun

In the blink of an eye, your kids have flown through elementary school and are on to secondary. As they become more involved with their schoolwork and their workload increases, it can become a challenge for them to find a quiet place to complete their assignments free of distractions such as the TV or family members. You also may notice their laptop, books and papers showing up in different rooms and, ultimately, you’re on the hunt for them when on your way out the door for school in the morning. They need an organized and dedicated space to complete their work independently. This is where a hideaway bed (also called a hidden bed or desk bed) is a great space-saving option. It quickly and easily transforms from a bed to a desk and back again without displacing any belongings. Instead of having two bulky pieces of furniture you now have one functional piece. Cabinets surrounding the bed can also be completely customized for their storage needs

Hideaway or hidden bed neatly made with children's toys

Media Center Madness

We all have been there. Your living room or den area has a TV which is sitting on a table or piece of furniture with hardly enough storage to handle the media players, DVR box, modem and game consoles – let alone your entire media library. Even in our digital world, we have plenty of boxes and cords to deal with. A wall unit or media center provides an organized, all-in-one solution customized with the right amount of cabinets for all of the boxes and box sets.

Home media entertainment center with white wood finish

Adjusting For Your Needs

You just moved into a new home and you love it. As you start to move your wardrobe into your master bedroom closet, you realize – it doesn’t quite fit. Though the closet may be large enough, apparently the previous homeowner must only have had 2 pair of shoes but about 150 long dresses. Your clothing isn’t easily and logically arranged in your new closet, in its current state. So you find that your garments start migrating and taking over other closet space in the house and the next thing you know, your wardrobe and accessory items are spread out between rooms. This makes it a challenge to get ready every day, more difficult get out of the door on time and you might even lose track of some items. You need to re-configure that space and make it truly usable for you. A walk-in closet system will maximize your storage space and can be specifically customized to provide a place for each item. Not only will your belongings be organized, there will be a place for each item (in the same room!) and all will be easily accessible. Overhauling a reach-in closet can have an even greater impact. Going from a single shelf and hanging bar to double hanging, shoe shelving and drawers – that’s a game changer.

Walk-in closet with shoe shelves and double hanging

If you are noticing any of the warning signs above, considering reaching out to the professionals. Contact us today for a free in-home design consultation and let us solve your unique challenge. Want to see first-hand how we have helped our clients? Click here to read a real success story!

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