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By: Closet Works Inc. on June 13th, 2011

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Overnight Guests with No Guestroom? Sure... With a Space Saving Murphy Bed

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In our last entry we talked about great ways to create more space in your home without the hassle of construction. If you need a guest room but don’t have enough space to dedicate a separate room solely for overnight guests a Murphy bed might be the perfect solution.

Murphy bed closed in custom cabinet overlooking city landsacpe

Additionally, a Murphy Bed might be just the right choice if you have a studio or very small one bedroom apartment where making your space count is really critical. You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort when choosing a Murphy Bed and your options are almost limitless.

Murphy beds have a lot of options and features:

  • They come in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes
  • They are available in side tilt as well as end tilt configurations making them suitable in almost any size room
  • Murphy Beds provide an economical solution to the “more space” problem
  • They can be provided as just a bed or with all types of cabinetry so the room in which they are located can do double or even triple duty – a guest room, a hobby room, an office – the possibilities are endless

Pull down Murphy bed in nutmeg-chery cabinets

You can have a Murphy Bed in any standard size (although the side tilt is not available in king size) so you can customize your guest room the way you want. Use a king or queen if your in-laws are frequent guests, a pair of folding twins if the grand kids often sleep over... whatever makes the most sense for your particular situation.

If you have limited space or clearance issues, a side tilt mechanism may be the best choice. Depending on your desire as to how to use the entire space and the way it ‘s configured, the manner in which you tilt the bed can make a big difference.

Murphy bed open in an oxford white cabinet

In so far as cost is concerned (and when isn’t it today?) a Murphy bed is available for literally any budget or décor. Whether you prefer a traditional design with moldings and raised panels or a clean, sleek contemporary look, you can customize your Murphy Bed cabinetry to reflect your taste and enhance the look you want to achieve.

Cabinetry can be designed to simply hide the bed and the mechanism when not in use, or, it can add to the beauty and utility of the entire room providing storage, work space, desk space, a home for audio/visual equipment...you name it. If you can think of it, there is a way to build it in to your space and still incorporate a Murphy Bed.

In addition to the “look” of the project there are other items to be considered when selecting a Murphy Bed. Do you prefer a steel or aluminum frame? What depth mattress are you planning to use? What is the weight of the mattress? Will it work easily with the counter springs installed on your system? Do you need extra long legs for a deeper mattress? How deep do you want your cabinetry to be? What physical limitation exist that might influence the design? These are some of the questions to be discussed with your designer when specifying the perfect Murphy Bed for your Guest Suite. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you create the extra room you desire in your home.


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