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By: Closet Works Inc. on September 23rd, 2015

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Prep for Fall, Get Your Closet Organized!

Organization | Closets

The first hints of fall are in the air bringing thoughts of warm sweaters, hot apple cider, and evenings spent by the fireside. There’s a lot to do to prepare for fall. Kids are going back to school and it’s time to roll out a professional and casual wardrobe for yourself that’s suited for layering and warmth. This means it’s time to whip your closets into shape for a new season. These closet organization tips are good rules of thumb to organize your life.

Organized walk-in closet and center island with fall clothes

Sort with Gusto

Pull everything out of the closet. Every last article of clothing, accessory, shoe…you name it. Everything needs to come out. Once the closet is empty, begin by creating three piles:

Keep | Trash | Donate

Be honest in your assessment. Don’t hold on to items you haven’t worn in five years because they have sentimental value. You should get rid of items you haven’t worn at least once in the past year.

Get rid of items that no longer fit. Also eliminate items that need repairs you never have the time to make. Most importantly of all, get rid of any articles of clothing items that makes you feel bad about yourself when you wear them. These things simply rob you of positive energy and occupy valuable closet real estate.

Things that are still in good shape and may provide value to someone else, should go into the donate pile. This keeps them out of landfills – good for the planet – and gives the articles of clothing a second chance to be enjoyed by someone else.

The items that need repairs or are no longer in shape to be worn in public should go in the trash pile.

Install a Custom Organization System in Your Closet

Now, while the closet is empty, is the perfect time to install a custom organization system in your closet. You don’t need a huge walk in closet for one of these systems to benefit you. There are systems suitable for reach in closets – ideal for children’s closets – as well as for walk in closet organization.

A custom organization system is the perfect choice to help you organize your life. We work with you to determine what your needs are and then to design a system that will make your closets more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t let the “custom” in the name stop you. Custom closet design is affordable, innovative, made with latest technology, and constructed with high quality materials.

Organized closet with fall clothing hung neatly

How does a System for Closet Organization Help?

Custom closet design can be a great first step in organizing your closet and your life. A high-quality custom closet design system allows you to sort clothes according to season, occasion, or any other purpose you choose. Drawers allow you to keep accessories and other items organized and out of site so that what you see hanging in the closets and on closet shelves are the things you wear daily.

When you choose a custom closet design system from us, you get to choose the organization system that will best accommodate your busy life. These are some of the benefits of an organized closet.

  1. Know where your clothes, shoes, and accessories are.
  2. Faster starts to mornings for kids and adults alike.
  3. Greater satisfaction when looking through your closet.
  4. More available space for new clothing items.
  5. Less negative energy and feelings associated with your closet (because you’ve eliminated the items that create it).

Closet Works can help you organize your life by designing a custom organization system for your closet. Closet organization is often the first step to a life that feels more organized and efficient. Let us show you how we can transform a modest reach in closet into abundant storage space and so many other ways we can help you organize your life today.

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