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Preparing Your Pantry for Spring Parties and Gatherings

Hosting small gatherings with friends and family is a staple of warmer months. Sharing conversations, memories, and meals brings people together, especially when being together has been so hard. 

The day before your gathering, you’ve almost made it through your checklist—get the party plates ready, clean the house, buy the food—but WAIT! Before you head out to the grocery store and buy duplicate ingredients or misplace what you’ve already purchased among the clutter of your pantry, add ‘prep your party pantry’ to your checklist. 

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Take Inventory of Your Pantry

You may already have many of the items you need in your pantry. Pantry clutter is a common problem that wastes food, money, and time. To optimize your resources, you’ll first have to start from square one—take everything out of your pantry. This can feel overwhelming, but the results will ensure you’re not spending extra time or money where it isn’t necessary. Plus, once your pantry is organized, it’s self-sustaining. When items have a dedicated place in your pantry, you won’t have the same amount of clutter that gradually accumulates. 

Make a list of what you have. From there, you can start to build your grocery list with confidence! Pro tip: This gives you the chance to purchase organizational items, including tiered risers, for your canned goods. Make it easy to see everything in your pantry at a glance. 

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Buy What you Need

We’re not just talking about food! There are several ways to organize your pantry. One of the items you can purchase or have installed are pull-out baskets. These handy organizers keep kitchen counters clutter-free. The room-temperature produce that sits on your counter can now sit in its own handy basket. Pull-out baskets can also hold your best tablecloths until you’re ready to use them when company arrives. 

The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is no match for a tiered lazy Susan. With a towered, independently turning lazy Susan, you’ll no longer have to peer around stale chip bags and expired canned goods to find what you need. Innovation saves time, money, and food waste while providing an eye-catching display.

Check out our list of pantry accessories to get an idea of all the possibilities that await! 

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Stock Your Updated Pantry 

When it’s time to unload the groceries, we recommend moving back-of-the-pantry items upfront, so they get used first, especially if they’ve been sitting on the shelf for a few years. Place older canned goods on the front few risers and stock the new items higher on the back risers. When the big day arrives, you’ll feel confident in not only knowing you have everything you need but knowing where everything is. You’ll also love the oohs and aahs you get from guests when they see your well-organized pantry! 

Do you have parties or social events coming up and need to prep your pantry? Looking for some guidance? Click here for a free consultation so we can help you get ready. 

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