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Why a Professional Custom Closet Designer

There are a lot of custom closet companies out there to choose from and many reasons to partner with a closet Designer. You may need help with organization but are not sure where to start, or you may know what you want but not sure how to get there. You might just be simply looking for new ideas that you may not have thought of, or not sure of the most effective way to utilize your space. So how can you be sure you actually getting an experienced and quality Designer who is not just a sales person, but actually has the qualifications and skills to make sure your design is beautiful, functional and efficient for your needs?

Here are some important qualities to look for in a good closet designer

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There is just no substitute for experience. Anyone can throw a couple of rods and shelves up, but can they create a space and design that is truly functional for your needs? One that will make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Are they asking the right questions and gaining of understanding of your storage needs? Can they identify the right type of storage you need to ensure that all of your belongings have a place? Are they able to maximize the space to get the most out of it? Are they organized enough to make sure the entire process runs smoothly from design to installation? If the project consists of new construction or a remodel, is the Designer able to imagine the details from top to bottom when the physical elements are not put in place yet? Are they a good communicator? A recent article by Woodworking Network states, “Strong communication skills are very important. You can have the most brilliant idea for a new closet design but if you can’t communicate your vision to your client, nothing else matters.”


A good custom closet Designer takes all details into consideration. Whether it is an inventory of what is being stored or an accurate measurement of the space, these details make a big difference in ensuring the right type of organization solution is created. Is there a collection of jewelry, shoes, watches, etc. and what is the best type of storage to make them visible and easily accessible? Are they considering your goals and how you would like your belongings stored to make it sure it optimizes the functionality for your space? For example, do you need more hanging for dresses and suits or more shelves for sweaters and jeans? Do you prefer to have your blouses and shorts hung or folded and stored in drawers? Do you need room for adjustments in case your needs grow or change? The Designer you partner with should also be able to identify potential roadblocks such as access panels, lights switches or vents and incorporate them into the design. Being detail-oriented is a key component to ensuring the system is perfect for your needs.

Walk in closet finished in high gloss

Material selection and options

Your Designer should take the time to walk you through the various options including colors, decorative hardware and accessories. They should be able to provide you with samples, show you images and take you through the showroom. They should be able to identify and have access to quality components and be knowledgeable on their specifications such as eco-friendly or antibacterial finishes capabilities. A good Designer can also effectively manage a budget by recommending certain finishes or allocating funds to certain parts of the project. Perhaps they might suggest a less expensive finish with the same style features to get the additional features you wanted. They should provide you with references and show you completed project designs. If your project turns out to be a functional success but an aesthetic disappointment, you really have not received what you deserve.

In the end, an excellent Designer must be your expert, your advocate, your sounding board and your facilitator. There is a reason why you are asking for the help of a professional who really understands the process and can help you to fully achieve your goals, on budget, on time and with minimal upset to your already busy life. If you would like to consult with one of our space optimization specialists please get in touch for a free, no obligation, design consultation. From the simple to the spectacular, we can help bring your vision into a reality.

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