Project Hardware Selection

Project Hardware Selection

When it comes to bringing your dream Closet Works project to life, be it a closet, office, custom furniture, or murphy bed, it can seem like an overwhelming task. With so many different decisions to make, calling in a professional can help make your space feel (and look) like magic! Here at the Closet Works, we pride ourselves on not only our quality of work but in our attention to detail. What’s your style? What are you trying to say, and how can we achieve that through something that can seem so trivial but really makes all the difference.  Let us walk you through our cherry on top; hardware selection. 

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Looking for classic? 

Let’s start with The Elegance Collection. This collection features an array of sleek, contemporary pulls and knobs as well as more traditional styles that are as economical as they are beautiful. With the wide range of colors and styles available, as well as the quality inherent in this collection, these pieces will appeal to almost any taste, making the Elegance Collection a good choice for your basic projects. 

Another option that could suit your classic and borderline minimalist style is our Elite Collection. This collection is diverse in terms of style, but the straight lines and simple designs combine functionality with refinement. Whether you desire warmth or a sleek and sophisticated look, we have got you covered.

Classic Hardware Selection

Need something a little less traditional with a little more personality?

 The High Style Collection also includes traditional and contemporary offerings, with some more unusual styles that might add just the right flair for your particular taste. These pulls and knobs also come in varying finishes and can be used to emphasize your own personal style. 

You could also take a look at The Regency Collection – where excellent value meets superior style. With the Regency Collection being our most ambitious assemblage with styles and finishes that are even more eclectic and dramatic, this stunning collection is the most interesting and unique grouping of decorative hardware that we offer. In addition to higher-end traditional and modern pieces, we also feature some more distinctive and, in some cases, whimsical selections that will make your project truly stand out from the ordinary. The items in this particular collection include some of the most sought-after styles available. 

Little Traditional Hardware Selection

The positive difference to the overall look and “wow” factor of any project can be dramatically enhanced by choosing the right decorative hardware that speaks to your style. Visit our showroom, where we have a wide array of decorative hardware offerings available for viewing. You can hold the hardware you’re considering up against the board you have chosen and see which style, finish, and texture fit your taste and reflect the “feel” you’re looking for. You can often be surprised by how much an interesting hardware choice can make a simple project look incredibly glamorous and unique. Reach out today to schedule your free consultation, and watch the home of your dreams come to life! 

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