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Begin To See the Light… in Your Closet System!

According to Architectural Digest, these are the top 5 rules for having good lighting in your home:

  • Spread the light around
  • Customize your lighting
  • Buy top-quality light resources
  • Have multiple sources of light
  • Focus your lighting on what’s most important

Based on the list above, it’s safe to say that having a well-lit home is important, and the need for good lighting certainly extends to your closet. “But why?” you may ask. What’s the big deal? You’re probably thinking to yourself “I have two lightbulbs hanging in my reach-in closet and I can see just fine – why invest in more and/or customized lighting?” Well, we’re delighted you asked!

Check out our top four reasons below for why you should begin to see the light in your closet system…

Reason #1

A closet, whether it be a reach-in or walk-in, is easier to navigate when it has the proper lighting. Whether you’re picking out an outfit for work the next day, organizing your closet or just searching, a well-lit closet interior makes it all easier to see every nook and cranny.

Reason #2

You can create a showcase, if you like, for some of your most special pieces. Be they handbags, shoes, jewelry or even an objet d’art that you’d like to display. A walk-in closet system is an investment and frequently motivated by our client’s love for their belongings, often considered to be works of art.

Why not create your very own boutique or gallery where designer bags and footwear are put on display?

Tip: Create an environment customized to your aesthetic using cool, warm or atypical lighting hues – every type of lighting will produce a different effect. 

Reason #3

Lighting can maximize the efficiency of your wardrobe management and impact how your clothes look together, as you’re creating your outfit. If you have a custom-made vanity or sitting room where you try on clothes and apply make-up on a daily basis, your choice of lighting can impact how you and your clothes might look to others.

Reason #4

Work with a trusted, reliable closet company that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to lighting. Not only can you install different types of lighting, such as LED’s that are better for the environment than some other options, but some combinations of lighting go better together than others. It’s important that you make choices that blend well, whether you are using ribbon lights, dimmers, recessed lighting, decorative fixtures, and/or track lighting – oh, my!

Interested in learning more about getting organized or The Closet Works’ installations? Request a free consultation with one of our professional Designers today.

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