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Want to Simplify Your Life? Start With These Home Storage Solutions

Can home storage solutions really make life better? You bet they can — at least when they’re designed with your lifestyle in mind. Perhaps you struggle to find the right outfit in the morning, only to pull it from the closet a wrinkled mess. Or maybe household bills get scattered and you need a place to keep them organized along with other important papers and document. Then again, maybe the tangle of cables draped from your entertainment center makes you cringe. If this sounds like an episode of “This is Your Life,” you’ve come to the right place.

Getting organized has so many benefits, not the least of which is reducing stress. Clutter steals away time and reduces productivity, says WebMD. But correcting that problem can have the opposite effect.

Here are a few tips to help you get your life organized, one room at a time.

1. A custom closet keeps clothing neat.
2. A corner or whole room can be an office
3. Entertainment centers finally look great
4. The Closet Works organizes your whole house

Organized walk-in closet solution with ample storage

1. A Custom Closet Keeps Clothing Neat

You spend so much time choosing clothes that you love. It only makes sense to care for them as well as you can. And part of that is proper storage. With a custom closet, you’ll have room for everything.

Custom closet designs can create space where it doesn’t exist. A proper design maximized your usable space in optimal ways with a focus on your unique needs. Instead of a hanging bar and shelf, you could open the closet door to find a multitude of components, which maximize available floor and wall space: shelves for shoes, cubbies for folded clothes, drawers for socks, underwear, hosiery, lingerie, jewelry, and so much more.

custom walk-in closet home storage solution

2. A Corner or a Whole Room Can be an Office

Whether you have a full room to devote to a home office or only a tiny niche, the Closet Works can create a streamlined space so that you have a place to work, when you get home from work. When you have a well organized, ergonomically designed and beautifully crafted home office, tasks take less time and keeping everything organized becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. At the end of the day you save so much time that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a custom designed home office system.

In a large room, we can design a full suite of furnishings with a desk and cabinets that keep all of your household paperwork in order. And in a tiny space, custom design really shines. Practically any wall or corner can become a workhorse of a home office.

Home office storage solution with desk and murphy bed

3. Entertainment Centers Finally Look Great

You spend so much on electronics and a unit to house them. But it all falls flat when cords, cables and crowded components ruin the aesthetic sense that you’re trying to create. A custom-designed entertainment center takes all of this into consideration, and transforms your media or living room into a place where everything fits, unsightly cables disappear, and you can store any type of media, objects d’art, family photos or any knickknacks and mementos that you value and wish to display.

If you have limited space, you can combine several functions in one room. For example, a home office and media center can be cleverly designed together, or your media solution can contain space for a concealed bed making your tv room a spare bedroom and no one will know it’s there until you need it.

Zoom room bed and entertainment center home storage solution

4. The Closet Works Organizes Your Whole House

It doesn’t matter where you have clutter, we can help solve your storage problems. Is your garage a mess? It won’t be, not with a complete garage organization system that’s custom made for the tools, sports equipment and garden gear that you own. Is your pantry so cluttered that you sometimes buy the same thing twice? It can be so tidy that everything sits within easy reach.

Mudrooms and entryways are another perfect spot for home storage solutions. Think about the clutter that lands in those spaces — and then imagine coats, backpacks, umbrellas and boots, each with a dedicated spot that looks beautiful and works efficiently.

Organized garage storage solution with tools and car

A tidy home is a nicer place to be. And you’ll feel nicer, too, once the messes that drain your energy, foul your moods and steal away your time are finally organized for good. Even your junk drawer can get a makeover, as Real Simple recommends. Tiny cubbies can be added to store anything from batteries to stamps to paperclips to keys to you name it.

Download our ebook: Transcendental Organization and learn about the many ways that home storage solutions make life better. When you’re ready, the Closet Works can make it a reality.

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