Beautiful sliding glass doors on bedroom closet

Sliding Doors Make the Perfect Addition to Your Closet

If you are looking for ways to improve your home decor and overall home enjoyment, sliding doors for your closet are the perfect home addition. Not only will they make the use of your closet easy and effortless, a sliding door also maximizes space while utilizing our custom, eye-catching designs.

Closet Use Is As Effortless As It Is Enjoyable with a Sliding Door Solution

One of the major advantages of a sliding door is that use of the doors is convenient. With only one hand, the doors can easily be opened and closed as needed. This is particularly valuable for homeowners who plan on frequent use of the closet. Easy opening closet doors will ensure easy access and item retrieval while the doors look amazing and remain accessible.

Additionally, if this is a home you wish to grow old in, having the ability to open a closet door with ease will be invaluable during the aging process since traditional closet doors can be difficult to open and close. A sliding closet door solution, then, is the perfect choice for your closet both now and in the years to come.

Beautiful reach-in closet with sliding doors open

The Benefits of Sliding Doors Over Hinged Closet Doors

One question that homeowners in the market for sliding closet doors face is the question of opting for hinged doors or a sliding door alternative. Hinged doors are typically the more expensive option and come with significant disadvantages that may make them a largely undesirable option for your closet.

First, many homeowners want a reach-in closet for easy access. Hinged doors will take up valuable space, no matter whether the door hinges are inswing or outswing. You will have to choose between losing valuable interior space in the room itself or losing valuable closet space. With a sliding closet door, space is maximized, making a reach-in closet convenient or a walk-in closet exceedingly spacious.

Couple the space disadvantages of a hinged closet with the fact that a sliding door solution is more affordable and more easily customized, and the benefits of choosing a sliding door closet are clear. At The Closet Works, we will custom design a sliding door solution for your closet that makes the most of your room and closet space at an affordable price, all without compromising on quality.

Our Sliding Doors Are Built to Last

One of the often mentioned critiques of sliding doors is that they are not built to last. At The Closet Works, our sliding doors are built to last and are a true upgrade over the average sliding door. Instead of falling off the sliding tracks, chipping or deteriorating in quality — occurrences which are not uncommon with shoddily made sliding doors — our sliding doors are made with only the finest materials. Ranging from laminate panels to glass or wood grain designs or a stunning combination design, our sliding closet doors are meticulously crafted and built to last.

There Is a Sliding Door to Match Your Decor

Another great aspect of sliding doors is that they are versatile from a design perspective. No matter what your aesthetic tastes may be, there is a great sliding closet door to complement the design of the room. Glass sliding doors are a perfect choice for the modern home that is a reflection of contemporary living, but for rustic homes, the charm of a timber sliding door will maintain the home’s natural beauty while retaining the functional benefits of a sliding closet door. Additionally, mirror sliding doors are a great way to enjoy a stylish and utilitarian full body mirror that doubles as an effective door for your closet.

No matter what sliding doors are best for your needs, our solutions at The Closet Works will provide you with the sliding closet doors you need. Visit our website and contact us to learn more about our sliding door solutions that will perfectly complement your home’s closet.

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