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Smart Mudroom Ideas

April showers may bring flowers, but they also bring mud. If your home lacks a mudroom, you probably want to consider investing in this functional storage space this spring, but not only because of this time of year. Mudrooms, also known as entryways, are a dedicated space you want to have in your house, apartment or townhome 12 months out of the year. Are you questioning the value of a mudroom? Do you think it only pertains to individuals with families? Think again. In our previous blog, we outlined the following benefits of having a mudroom, regardless of your living circumstances:

1) create an attractive entry way to your home
2) reduce the dirt tracked in from the outside to the rest of your home
3) allocate space for each person’s belongings
4) add storage space for secondary items

Truly, mudrooms are beneficial with their storage tricks, organizational hacks and aesthetic enhancements. Each of these elements can help transform the way you walk in and out of your home every day, regardless of if it rains.

Mudroom Ideas

Creative Storage & Organization

Whether you plan to add a mudroom or remodel or enhance your existing entryway space, there are a few things you need to consider. One is where the majority of entrance/exit foot traffic takes place in your home. This is due to practicality – you don’t want to put your mudroom in a location that is irrelevant. You should also consider who would use this mudroom. For example, is this designated area for shoes, coats, purses, backpacks etc. for those who reside in your home, or is it for guests, too? How will you factor in the pets that run rampant in your life (if you have any)?

Once you determine where you want your mudroom and who will be using the space, you can then make your first step towards planning. Allocating specific spaces for certain members of the family will help you capitalize on the goals of a mudroom – to organize, to declutter and to keep dirt at bay. The last question to ask yourself during the pre-planning process is what else would you like to store in this area? The answer to your curiosity will prevent you from storing material possessions in your mudroom when you have not devoted any space for them.

Now, the real fun begins. Indeed, this should be an exciting experience, as mudrooms are one of the most flexible and customizable areas of the home, especially when it comes to storage. If you have a blank canvas, such as an unused room, an empty hallway and/or wall, or even a room that is already in use, the storage options and selections are endless.

There are:

    • Lockers with hooks. These are awesome if you have children because each child will have his or her own space for their items (and we all know children can be territorial). You can designate an empty locker for guests, too.
    • Custom shelving, either above lockers or below, will give you the option to personalize your mudroom by displaying sentimental knick knacks, or even offer more storage space for items you need on your way out the door.
    • Do you remember grabbing your items from your school cubby and how easy it was as a child? That simplicity is still maintained even as you adapt this school-age classic to store shoes and anything else your heart desires.
    • Doors, drawers and roll-outs. Flip-up or hinged doors for cabinets and drawers aid in the conquering of clutter, keeping more of your gear concealed from view. If you want the function of a drawer but still have some visibility of its contents, roll-outs can do just that.
    • Flip-top or built-in bench. The depth and length of a hollowed-out bench with a flip-up top is both practical and fashionable. You also have the option of installing a built-in bench with a cushion and with a cabinet below. The ability both options give you to store winter hats, scarves, gloves, as well as anything you may seldom use is combined with the ease of putting on and taking off your shoes. If you need a seat, you got it!

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A Custom Look & Feel

Storage space resolved? Check! Next on your list is earnestly the best part of the process (if you enjoy design, that is). Selecting a color palette & hardware, as well as accessories, go hand in hand with creating a mudroom that is reflective of your sense of style and taste preferences. Some will choose a dark color palette, such as Java Chestnut, Tierra Elm or Dark Chocolate. A dark palette is great for concealing the appearance of dirt – it is a mudroom, after all! Perhaps you prefer something completely different – really, we’re not talking White, Ivory or Beige, but something unique like high-gloss Red or the herringbone print of Spike Salt to add dimension or perhaps Smokey, a unique floral pattern. A high-gloss color such as Red is fun, especially if you have children or you embrace the brighter things in life. Texture is also something to be considered when selecting your look and feel – a smooth finish is going to generate a different effect than a deeply textured woodgrain. Drawer styles and the hardware can transform your mudroom from traditional in style to a modern approach, or even evoke a vintage or rustic vibe – again, this depends entirely on you and your taste.

Before you begin to feel burdened over the abundant color and accessory choices available to you, breathe, and check out our blog on how to pick the perfect design color for your interior design project. This step-by-step guide will give you more confidence when making these hard (but fun) decisions.

Mudroom with white cabinetry

Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Surfaces

Children, animals, guests, sports equipment, school gadgets – with the mention of each comes the blood curdling thought of what lies on their surfaces. For those concerned with these introducing bacteria into your home, there is a great option for you. The surface of Finsa materials are antibacterial and antimicrobial, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevents bacteria’s reproduction so it ages and dies. Trust us: there is no replacement for regular cleaning, however, Finsa products help make your spaces in which they are used stay cleaner.

Mudrooms have evolved beyond pure functionality. A mudroom is a place where you can stop before you start each day and literally, as well as figuratively, gather yourself and your belongings. Regardless of where you put your mudroom, as there are several routes you can take depending on the layout of your house. Having a particular place for each and everything offers peace of mind for those derailed by the slightest sight of clutter. Located in an entryway, garage, laundry-room or even a spare room, your mudroom will contribute to the removal of all things muddling your life.

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