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Smart Ways To Organize Your Kids’ Closets This Summer

The kids are home from school for the summer, which means their schedules are likely less demanding than during the school year. Even if they’re attending camp or sports practices, they’ve got extra time to spend around the house.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get your kids involved with a space that’s likely to be messy, cluttered and disorganized throughout the year—their closet.

Kids’ closets can be difficult to organize—most kids would rather not spend time putting things away. In addition, they’ve got different needs than adults—their clothes and shoes are much smaller, and they need a place to store toys, books, stuffed animals and sports gear.

Another challenge? Finding a solution that’ll last more than a year or two. It’s vital that the storage system you put in place now can grow along with them. Their need for book or toy storage will eventually be replaced by the need for more clothes and shoe storage.

Here’s how to organize and maintain your child’s space this summer.

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Survey the Space Through Your Kids’ Eyes

Before you consider how to better arrange your kids’ closets, look at the space from their vantage point. Obviously, shelves, hanging storage and bins that are within reach for you may not be easy to reach for your little ones. The answer may be hanging rods that can be adjusted or removed over time. Another option is a pull-down hanging rod, where clothes can be stored high up in the closet and lowered when you or your kids need to access them.

Get Your Kids Involved

The best way to start is to directly involve your children in the process. Before you implement any new closet organization system, get your kids’ help with going through all of their clothes, toys and books.

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Create a “Keep” pile for clothes that can still be worn or toys that are still used and in working order. A “Pass on” pile is for toys and clothes that you can give to a friend or relative, donate to a charity or, if they’re in very good condition, sell. A “Trash” pile is for clothing that can no longer be worn or toys that are broken, missing pieces or have been recalled.

To make this process a bit easier for everybody, you may want to break up this project into multiple phases—review clothes one day and toys and books another day.

After you’ve reviewed everything, let your kids help you decide where to donate anything you no longer need or use.

Choose Long-Term Storage Solutions

Finding solutions that will grow right along with your kids can often be a challenge. Wire baskets or slide-out shelves make it easy for them to see what’s being stored—these work well for keeping toys now and sports equipment in the future. A combination of cubbies, drawers and cabinets provides multiple storage spaces for stuff animals, books, shoes and clothes now and in the future.

Organized kids and child's reach-in closet

Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Habits

Yes, it should be easier for your kids to keep their closet clean if all of their toys and clothes have a spot. However, it may take some time to get your kids into the habit of putting things back where they belong. To help, build in time each day (or a few times a day) that’s designated for putting things away. Getting your kids to keep their closets organized will help them develop organizational skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

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Get Help from the Pros

Creating storage solutions that will work for your kids now and in five or 10 years may seem challenging—but the pros can help. Reach out to us to take a look at your kids’ closets and create a custom solution. Schedule a free, in-home consultation now.

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