Spring Cleaning Your Closets

Spring Cleaning Your Closets for Year-Round Organization

When the snow melts away and spring starts to bloom, you’ll know it’s time to start your spring cleaning. Storing away winter items, cleaning up your home, and making room for warm-weather gear is a staple when you’re embracing the new season.

Spring cleaning sounds peaceful and refreshing. But spring cleaning often happens a few times throughout the year—it’s no longer just spring cleaning but fall, winter, and summer cleaning. 

We’re going to walk you through some best practices for spring cleaning your closets that will keep your space organized until next spring! 

Pay Attention to What You Need Streamlined

Despite wanting to dive into the project headfirst, pay attention to what you need the most help with when you wake up and get ready for your day.

Are you:

  • Digging through piles of shoes?
  • Untangling accessories? 
  • Pushing your significant other’s clothes out of the way so you can find what you need? 

Take some time to notice, and jot down notes on what features your dream closet would include. Remember, a closet is meant to suit your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

Clear Out Unwanted Gear!

Whether it’s winter clothes and heavy sweaters, or clothes that have gone unworn and unloved, it’s time to make some space for what you really need! 

We know taking everything out of your closet can be an overwhelming task, especially when you look around and think, “What have I done?” But we promise your efforts will turn your clothes mountain into an organized molehill.

Since it’s the turn of the season, put those cozy winter clothes in their own pile and store them away. We suggest folding them and placing them in bins under the bed. They’ll still be accessible during a cold snap, but out of the way until you need them in the fall. 

Next, pick a category to start sorting—shoes, pants, dresses, accessories, etc. This tactic can focus your attention so when you need a break, there are clear places to start and stop, making the process as organized as possible as you go down the list. 

Once your clothes and accessories are ready to go back into your closet, do yourself a favor and wipe down surfaces. Since the goal is to only spend time spring cleaning in the spring, take this opportunity to clean and get your closet sparkling for the year to come. 

Create An Eye-Catching Display

Now it’s time to reference back that list you made and start creating a functional closet for you and your lifestyle. 

If you need to enhance your shoe storage, consider slanted shelving to clear up floor space while keeping your shoes in sight and on display.

If accessories get tangled, try a pull-out valet bar to hang belts, scarves, and more to keep them safe and easily accessible.

Are you tired of sorting through your significant other’s clothes to get to your own? Closets can be custom-built to keep both partners’ clothes presentable while saving you both space as you get ready in the morning. 

Ready to keep your spring cleaning on a one-and-done schedule? Click here to schedule a free consultation so we can talk more about that closet wish list you jotted down!

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