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Start the New Year Organized

Getting organized is an overwhelming task. There are countless home organization myths which keep many of us from moving forward and creating the spaces we always wanted. The key is to stay positive and create a plan that works for your specific needs and lifestyle.

Start by identifying one space in your home that you really like which already is organized and functional. Take the positives from that and create an action plan which includes realistic and achievable goals for the places that you want to improve.

Here are some ideas to start your new year a little more organized

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1. Identify your goals

Without knowing what you want to accomplish, jumping in and just starting to organize can lead you astray. Begin by identifying your goals.

For example, are you looking to create more open space and live a more minimalist lifestyle? If so, you might start by decluttering and making those tough decisions on items you no longer need. Remember – stay positive! Someone who truly needs them will get use out of and enjoy those items. Maybe you want to maximize and better utilize your space. Knowing the type of items and how often you need access to them could help you determine the type of storage needed. This includes taking advantage of the higher shelving for less frequently accessed items or behind-the-door storage for accessories like bag, coats, ties, belts and more that are accessed daily.

Sliding belt rack with organized belts hanging

2. Create the proper storage

Everyone has their own idea of what “being organized” means as we all are unique and have different needs. However, when it comes to organization, one aspect has always remained the same: everything needs to have a proper storage place and be in that place to reduce the clutter and keep things organized. In the case of a closet, many are tempted to go out and buy containers, matching hangers, shoe racks, install a wire system or have just a single rod with shelves. What ends up happening is that you conform to the constraints of the closet instead of the closet conforming to your needs. The end result is a closet system that is not functional for your storage needs.

A custom closet system is built specifically for the dimensions of your space and has features designed for your wardrobe that keeps all of your items visible and accessible, whether those items are an expansive jewelry collection, shoe extravaganza, or a vanity to store cosmetics and put on makeup. Having the right storage and a place for all of your belongings means that everything gets placed where it belongs instead of creeping out into other areas of the home.

As a result, there will be many benefits which include less stress, less time searching for lost items and more time to spend with family and friends.

Organized walk-in closet with center island

3. Develop new habits

The New Year is the perfect time to re-evaluate our habits and how we can be most productive and effectively utilize our time. Organization does not happen overnight, but there are easy changes we can make to keep the disorganization from recurring. Take a moment and think about what is causing the clutter. Are family members not hanging up jackets and bags when they come in the door? If not, why? Do you have a place set up for coats and backpacks to be hung when they enter? Are you buying clothing items without asking yourself if you really need them or knowing if you have similar outfits in your closet? One of our professional organizers said it best: “For every new piece of clothing, you should donate or discard two.” Are other family members involved in helping put their toys, clothes, books and more back where they belong when they are done using them? If not, find out why. Do they know where everything should be housed? Is it difficult for them to put things away in the place that has been designated for them? Review your organization plan with them and get their feedback so they can be involved in the process.

Once they know what goes where, it makes it all the easier to put things in their proper place.

Should you have questions or would like more home organization ideas, feel free to reach out to us for a free design consultation. Our professional organizers have years of experience in space optimization and can help you get started on the right track.

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