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Problem Solved: How to Create Great Storage for Growing Kids

Planning your own custom master closet might seem like an easy task—you get the opportunity to design your dream closet with the help of some experienced professionals.

But figuring out how to organize your kid’s room can be much more of a challenge. You want to make an investment in a storage solution now that will last several years—one that fits the needs of your two-year-old now and your 10-year-old in the future.
Storage needs also change; what works in a baby’s nursery might not work for a tween or teen.

Here’s how to make sure the bedroom that works for your toddler now will work for your teenager, too.

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Custom Closets That Works for Toddlers and Teens

It’s important to work with a design expert who can look at the closet space—whether it’s a walk-in or a reach-in—and evaluate your child’s needs right now and into the future.

Since kids clothes are smaller than adult clothing, you can fit three or four hanging rods in a closet to maximize storage space. You can even install a pull-down hanging rod to make it easier for your child to reach clothes hanging on the highest rod. As your child grows, hanging rods can be easily removed to make room for bigger clothes.

Similarly, shelves can be measured to work for smaller clothing now, and larger clothing down the road. A design expert may recommend shelves that are wide enough to fit four small sweaters now and two larger sweaters when your child has grown, for example. The sections of your child’s closet are determined now; but there’s plenty of room for flexibility to adjust things in the future.

You also likely need toy storage for your little one. Baskets are a great option to organize everything from trucks and dolls to building blocks and board games. When your child gets older, the baskets in your custom closet can hold sports equipment.

The Easiest Way to Maximize Bedroom Storage

Keeping kids’ rooms neat and tidy is a constant challenge for most parents. A small bedroom exacerbates the problem. As your child grows out of his crib and into a “big kid” bed, you might be faced with trying to fit furniture into his room.

A hidden bed provides room for a desk and a bed, with the option to add storage cubbies and shelves around it—it not only looks cool, it’s functional, too. Anything your child keeps on the desk stays put, and it’s easy to change from desk to bed and back again. This custom solution can help you find a place for everything in your child’s room, while making the space functional for him.

Custom storage—whether a reach-in or walk-in closet—and creative ways to maximize space in your child’s bedroom ensures that each toy, board game, book, musical instrument and sweater has its place. Your child can easily keep his room neat and tidy—or at least make that dream closer to becoming reality.

If you’re interested in learning more about organization for your kid’s room, reach out to us!

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