Garage Organization

Storage Solutions for Organizing Your Garage Essentials

A large garage may have been one of your home’s biggest selling points. You thought, “Wow! We’ll have so much extra storage space!” 

Fast forward a few years—the garage has turned into a catch-all for forgotten projects and gear. It’s becoming hard to find things you need now that clutter has taken over your garage

Today we’ll talk about how to organize your garage so your favorite and most-used items are always accessible, even if they’re tucked away for the season. 


Find Your Tools in Seconds

Having an organized and secure spot for your tools is essential. When something breaks or you have a project to tackle, you don’t want to spend your time sifting through cluttered toolboxes to find exactly what you need. And then there are the larger items that won’t easily fit in a toolbox—drills, saws, shop vacs, and levels, to name a few. Shoving these items in the corner of your garage is not only unsightly, but it makes them inaccessible. 

If you have a green thumb, this is the time of year you’ll also be rolling out the wheelbarrow, shovel, fertilizer, and planters. No one wants to waste precious planting time shuffling items around the garage to get to the gardening essentials. 

Try storing your tools using our storeWALL system, which provides a handy space for every tool. This makes home and yard maintenance easy—just grab what you need and get to work! storeWALL can effectively utilize storage space behind doors, above your workspace, and more. This option is not only completely customizable, from the storeWALL magnetic bar to the double square hook, but it’s also great when paired with a butcher block workstation for smaller jobs you can tackle right from your workspace. 

Butcher blocks are budget-friendly, durable options that won’t dull your tools over time. 

If you’re looking for a space-saving option, try a collapsible countertop that can be secured to the wall once your project is complete or you’re taking a break for the day.


Break Out the Sports Gear

When warm weather arrives, many people reach for their bikes or sports gear. But when you dig your tennis rackets and baseball bats out of storage, how do they look? Do they look like they did when you tucked them away for the season, or are they covered in dust and winter grime?

Storing your things properly throughout the winter can ensure the longevity of your items and reduce required maintenance. Our utility systems allow you to hang up items securely while freeing up floor space. We offer several options to provide the perfect storage solution for all of your family’s sporting equipment: 

  • To store your athletic shoes and work boots, try a storeWALL angle shelf.
  • Kayaks can be secured safely with a storeWALL 15’’ angle bracket.
  • Even tents and sleeping bags have a place on your wall when you use the storeWALL HD Universal Hook.

These quality utility wall racks can store anything you need to enjoy your favorite sports. From golf clubs to tackle boxes, your items will remain securely tucked away while ensuring they don’t have to compete for space with your car and other vehicles. 


Safely Store Harsh Chemicals

There’s always a time and place for heavy-duty cleaning or maintenance. Until that time comes, you want a place where you can easily access what you need but ensure chemicals are safe and out of reach. Even without kids or pets running around, accidents happen. You want to keep harmful chemicals out of areas prone to spills so everyone stays safe. 

Try storing chemicals and harsh cleaning supplies in overhead cabinets where doors can securely keep everything locked away. If you don’t have the space for pull-open doors, consider sliding doors to keep chemicals out of sight and safety stored. 

We can create a wall-to-wall cabinet unit so you don’t have to sacrifice one item for another when it comes to safe storage. If you live in an area prone to flooding, it’s also a good idea to keep valuable items safe in overhead storage. 

Ready to get your garage in shape for the upcoming summer months? Click here for a free consultation!

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