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How to Store Winter Items

A Holiday in Hindsight

The holidays can feel like they end as quickly as they come. Before we know it, the gifts are unwrapped and people are slipping into the coats and hats to head back home. Properly storing things like decorations and china sets can ensure they hold up so they can continue to bring you and your family as much joy next year as they did this year. This is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for next season so the transition from pumpkins to snowflakes can be as seamless as possible. Not to mention, all of the brand new additions to your children’s collection that now need a home. Don’t let the holidays leave you feeling unorganized.

Decorations Details

When it comes to decorations, homemade or not, making sure they’re in the proper storage space can both save you money and preserve your most precious items! Start by getting rid of anything that didn’t work or didn’t survive this season so you can make room for the ones that did. They should be stored in a place with built-in dividers to ensure that all your ornaments make it another year! On top of that, wrapping your ornaments in bubble wrap is an extra step that can ensure next year’s tree can be just as spruced up as it was this year. When it comes to decorations such as wreaths and garland, be sure not to store the greenery in a cramped space in order to help preserve the shape and fullness of your decorations.

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Cheering With Your Favorite China

It’s the season for Who Hash and Roast Beast! Eating a delicious holiday dinner on some of your favorite dishware is a transition many families follow! The holidays are a great excuse to break out the beautiful pieces you’ve accumulated over time. Once the food is gone, and the dishes are clean, it’s time to store them until their next use. Storing your china in a sturdy and safe location can ensure that you won’t need to go out and purchase new pieces. It will also help you keep the tradition alive of using the dishes that hold so many memories for you and your family. Many people opt for storing their china on high shelves, which is a great idea except for when your children run by with their new gifts and your dinnerware pieces take the short end of the stick. By working with a team who can custom create storage for your most valuable platters, you can sleep restfully at night knowing that they are safe and sound. One of our favorite ways to store dishes is on pie shelves. They are typically placed in the back corner of cupboards so they are securely nestled into place. Great looking dishware is not the only way to create a memorable meal with family. A wrinkly tablecloth is far from festive, so laying your tablecloth on a custom made pull-out linen can keep your holiday fabrics staying as fresh looking as long as possible.

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Avoid a Tower of Toys

The aftermath of holiday traditions like Christmas morning can result in mounds of ripped up wrapping paper, bows and scattered toys. We know the best ways to keep your children’s toy rooms in tip top shape. With some new additions, there may need to be some changes in order to store everything as efficiently as possible. Out with the old and in with the new! Since last holiday season, I’m sure there are toys in your children’s collection that could be donated to thrift stores, or other children who can get some more love out of them! Going through toys with your children can teach them organizational skills at a young age, which can set them up to be healthy adults. When you have settled on the toys you want to keep, it’s time to find them a home. Take four to five large plastic storage bins and divide toys up and place groups of toys in each bin. One bin can be art supplies, another can be blocks, another for cars, and so on. This gives your kids the chance to play with all the toys in one bin while the others are tucked away in a closet, so before it’s time to play with other things, items can be placed back into their bins and slid into their proper places.

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Wrapping Up the Holidays

Wrapping up the holiday season can be made easy when you have a plan of attack. An after-holiday purge of old or broken things can make space for all the new items that this season brought you. This is also a great way to ensure enough storage space for the pieces that really matter, which, in turn, can keep them lasting as long as you need! Reach out to us for a free design consultation today to save money, and preserve all the things you need to have the best holiday season for years to come.


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