Laundry Room with solid surface countertop

How to Streamline Laundry Day

It’s laundry day! 

In most people’s homes, we know laundry day isn’t a cause for celebration. At The Closet Works, we create eye-catching and functional displays to streamline your home and make it easy to navigate. Your laundry room is no exception. If you dread laundry day, this one’s for you.


Make Laundry Days Less Stressful

Laundry day gets a bad rep, and we get it. Carrying a load of heavy clothes to and from the laundry room and then putting them all away can be exhausting if you don’t have the right tools and processes.

Identify the Problem

We’ll outline three of the most common hardships of laundry time, but finding your own challenges within the process can help you create a customized solution. 

  1. Constant bending over to switch over loads of heavy, wet clothes.
  2. Sorting through copious amounts of cleaning supplies to find what you need.
  3. Finding the space to hang clothes to dry.

No matter what frustrates you on laundry day, know that all of your challenges have solutions. You just have to get a little creative—and lucky for you, that’s what we do best!


Solution #1: Avoid Unnecessary Bending 

Your home should be designed for your lifestyle. If bending over to pull clothes from your washer makes you hate the chore, try stacking your front-loading washer and dryer. This solution allows a laundry unit to fit into a small space or nook without taking up floor space. 

If you don’t have a front-loading unit, you can install a countertop so your laundry basket and detergents can sit on top of your machines to limit the number of times you have to bend to get the job done.

Solution #2: Sort Disorganized Laundry Supplies 

Most people store some household cleaning supplies in your laundry room. Before you know it, your hardwood floor cleaner and carpet cleaner are side-by-side with your laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. If this is the case, you may be spending more time on your laundry than necessary. 

It’s time to get organized! Sort and store like items together so you never reach for the wrong product or waste time pushing aside bottles to find what you need. Installing a countertop and extra shelving can be the perfect solution to organize cleaning supply clutter. Consider installing risers so everything is visible and you don’t have to push aside products to find what you need.

Solution #3: Find Extra Space for Air Dry Only Garments and Ironing Boards 

Finding space in your home to dry several garments at once is a challenge in itself, but finding an area of your home that can handle excessive moisture is a must to avoid water damage. Custom drying racks can be built into drawers in your laundry area so you can still have an open floor space with water and mold-resistant design

Need space for an ironing board? A concealed or fold-away ironing board can fit right into a drawer space and be ready to use with ease. You can even consider a fold-down ironing board that can be concealed inside your wall. No more setting up a 25-year-old ironing board in the middle of the living room to iron expensive pieces that should be handled with care. 

Ready to take control of laundry day? Schedule a free consultation to talk about your most pressing laundry problems so we can offer solutions. 

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